A Muse Me

Author: S. L. Carpenter

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: April 4, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Erotica writer, Eugene, is suffering from severe writer's block. It doesn't help matters any that is his keyboard's "Delete" key is seeing far more action than he can even begin to imagine. With deadlines looming in the near future, Eugene needs to find his muse . . . fast.

Madison is vacationing in Aruba. She's just looking for a good time, nothing permanent. Fun and sun and maybe a little holiday fling. Who'd have guessed she's exactly what Eugene needs to bring his writing to life again?

What's a writer supposed to do when his muse goes on vacation - leaving him stranded and staring at a blank screen and overused "Delete" button? Deadlines are looming and there's not a single good plot idea even thinking of taking residence in Eugene's imagination. A change of scenery is definitely in order. Somewhere hot, where clothing is skimpy if worn at all would be the ideal place to restore his creative juices. Maybe while in Aruba Eugene will catch up with his elusive muse. Hopefully Eugene will finds a woman willing to help get his muse back to work and restore his creative juices.

S. L. Carpenter's A MUSE ME is a fun look into the mind of a male erotica writer. He's spent too much time writing and not enough time experiencing the hot emotional sex scenes that had made him so popular. You can feel Eugene's frustration that's caused by writer's block. His biggest problem appears to be a lack of inspiration and lack of sex life. Both problems are easily fixable even if he does need to take a break from his computer and head out into the sunshine of an erotic location. I've always fantasized about taking a chance and venturing out in some far off place to experience no holds barred passion. This story allows readers to experience the fantasy, if only vicariously. Fun, sun, beautiful scenery, and a sexy man full of erotic ideas (who actually lasts long enough to fulfill them) . . . who could ask for anything more?

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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