A Mysterious Knight

Author: Anita Verkerk

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Princess Esmeralda had no intentions of marrying.  Even though her father, King George, and her mother, Queen Leonore insisted, the Princess would not listen.  They tried explaining to her that an heir was needed; but she would have nothing to do with it, insisting that she was their heir. 

She had her reasons for not wanting to marry.  The Princess just couldn't fathom having a man touch her or letting him see her in all of her naked glory.  She knew what would happen once they were behind closed doors after the wedding ceremony; and she'd not let that happen.  Recently, she had witnessed her chambermaid in an uncompromising position with a man, and what she saw and heard caused her to flee in horror and panic.  No, she'd never let this happen to her; never. 


After this emotional battle with her parents, the Princess knew just the thing to quiet her nerves and bring some peacefulness back into her life.  A slow trot on her Appaloosa horse would have her feeling better in no time. As the stable boy called for her to stop and to wait for him, the Princess ignored his pleas and took her horse out of the building. 


Little did the Princess know what awaited her shortly after her departure. Making her way through the forest, she is lost in her thoughts and doesn't hear the soldiers approaching her.  Before she knows what has happened, one of the outlaws has her in his grasp.  She knows exactly what's going to happen and the price she'll pay for having left the castle by herself when she hears the plans he has for her. 


Knowing her doom, struggling as best she can, Esmeralda's screams are in vain, or so she thinks; until a knight in shining armor happens to save her.  Upon seeing this mysterious stranger dressed all in black, the soldiers from Greenland become scared and make a hasty retreat from the Black Knight. Right from the start, the Princess is smitten, for he seems to hold the key to all the pleasures of her body. 


But what can she do to stop the impending marriage that is scheduled to happen?  How can she make her parents see that she doesn't want to be married to an older man whose character is greatly despised by the Princess? 


Come along on this sensual fairytale of self-discovery and see what the fates hold in store for Princess Esmeralda.  Will her knight in shining armor be able to save her once again?  What's a Princess to do when the one she desires is not the man of her parent's dreams? 


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful woman named Anita Verkerk.  Having had all of her writing dreams come true in the beautiful country of Holland , she decided to embark upon a new dream; one that would take her words across the ocean to a new and exciting land.  Such is the tale of this enchanting writer.  A MYSTERIOUS KNIGHT is Ms. Verkerk's first English published story.  She has had great success as a writer in her native Holland and will now be dazzling readers all over the world.  It is with great excitement that I await her second novel, THE ENCHANTED CASTLE, which will be arriving soon.    

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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