A Nanny for Nate
By Christina
Aug 1, 2011 - 3:31:01 PM

It’s been a year since Parker Adams’ husband died in a hit and run accident. Parker is still barely holding it together. The only things getting him through the day are his job and his son Nate. Parker would like to be able to spend more time with his son but his job takes up a large chunk of his day. When Nate’s current babysitter announces she is moving away Parker hires a live in nanny to give Nate more stability.


However, due to a mix up a gorgeous man shows up on his doorstep instead of the woman Parker meant to hire. Parker was attracted to Jake Walsh from the moment they met which is why he wasn’t supposed to get the job. However, Nate and Jake hit it off immediately and Parker doesn’t have the heart to disappoint either of them.

Living with Jake proves even more difficult than he imagined. Jake brings up feelings in Parker that he thought he would never feel again. As his feelings for Jake grow Parker begins to worry he is being unfaithful to his late partner. Can Jake convince him to give their growing feelings a chance? He has to show Parker that he is allowed to find love and happiness once again, all their futures depend on it.

A NANNY FOR NATE by Lisa Worrall is a charming contemporary romance. Reading this story was a very pleasant experience. Parker drew me in from the beginning. His pain and loneliness felt very real to me. The love he has for his son is evident and very sweet. Nate is absolutely adorable. His plan to bring Jake and Parker together is well-intentioned and very amusing. His plotting made me smile. Jake and Parker have a strong chemistry and they are clearly a good match for one another. A NANNY FOR NATE is a sweet and poignant story. I look forward to reading whatever Ms. Worrall writes next.


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