A New Dream
By Pamela Denise
May 15, 2011 - 5:18:48 PM

Matt McCallum was at the peak of his life. With a promising pro football career and a lovely fiancé, he couldn’t ask for anything more. When a deer jumps out in front of him causing him to lose control of his car, his world is turned upside down. After spending time in rehab and recovering from his injuries, Matt takes a job as a manager at a grocery store, trying to form some semblance of a new life.

Small town girl Violet Emerson dreams of one day owning her own catering business. Until she has enough money saved, she’s content working in the bakery department of the Chef’s Pantry. When the grocery store’s retiring manager Marshall Chapman introduces his new replacement, Violet develops an immediate crush on him. Thanks to a bad alternator in her car, a welcome ride home from Matt leads to the start of a relationship.

Despite their insecurities, they soon fall head over heels for one another. Violet can’t believe someone like Matt would ever be interested in her. Likewise, Matt is shocked the beautiful woman would be content with someone with a disability. Just as they make their relationship official, a part of his past makes its way to his present, throwing their smooth relationship on end.

A NEW DREAM is a wonderful contemporary romance with heartwarming characters and heartfelt moments. Elaine Cantrell creates a beautiful, believable relationship with old fashioned values that adds sweetness to the story. All of her characters were likable with emotions and reactions that one can relate to. My favorite though had to be the hero Matt, who had to face a very difficult reality. His growth and the way Ms. Cantrell portrayed his struggles with coming to terms with the changes in his life was nicely done. This is one of the best inspirational romances I’ve read in a while.

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