A Night in the Life of Cinderella
By Pamela Denise
Oct 16, 2009 - 8:36:04 PM

Aspiring shoe designer Cindy has lived in misery after her father’s untimely death, having to put up with her coldhearted stepmother and two nasty stepsisters. Growing up as little more than a tenant in her own house, she’s been working to provide her own way since she was small. Now she’s out on her own trying to make ends meet as a barmaid in Queens while building her portfolio. Stopping in for her budgeted four dollar cup of coffee in a New York City cafe, she never dreamed of running into talk, dark, and handsome.

The sexy sounding stranger behind her in the order line already has her heart racing, and with one look, his appearance out matches his honey coated voice. When he insists on paying for her cup of java and sharing a table with her, Cindy thinks it is too good to be true. Dubbing him as Latte-Romeo, they hit it off, chatting away as if they’d known each other their entire lives. However, when Latte-Romeo asks to see more of her, Cindy panics, thinking of the baggage she’d bring with her in a relationship. After boldly stealing a searing kiss, she dashes off without ever exchanging names.



When Cindy arrives at work, she finds out that famed designer Leo Poldo is holding a spur-of-the-moment meeting at her bar to find ‘The Perfect Fit’. She sees this as her chance to get her shoe designs reviewed and possibly her break into the fashion industry. Even as her boss steps in as her own fairy godmother, helping her prepare and bestowing upon her a surprise designer dress to help her look the part, Cindy can’t stop thinking about Latte-Romeo and the kiss that still has her lips tingling. As her wicked step sisters try to sabotage the night, it is none other than the gorgeous man she met in the café who comes to her rescue. Cindy is faced with the decision of staying to meeting Leo Poldo which could be her chance at her dream career or giving into the attraction of Mr. Latte-Romeo and allowing him to whisk her away at a chance for love.



A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF CINDERELLA is Demi Alex’s charming take on a contemporary version of the classic tale of Cinderella and her Prince Charming.  Her yarn stays true to the appearance of the evil stepmother and stepsisters as well as a fairy godmother, but delivers a unique spin all of its own. The spicy chemistry between Cindy and her modern Prince Charming, dubbed Latte-Romeo, is delectable and as spot on with most fairytales, Ms. Alex delivers a warm happily ever after. I can’t wait to read her other soon to be released stories which are based on well-loved fairytales.

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