A Night of Scandal

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 21, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Even as a child, Katie Fields and her friends would play Hollywood. While her sister Paula, insisting she was the prettiest, would always be the princess, Katie was relegated to designing the costumes. Today she is making her living as a costume designer while her sister is a famous model. Their father had died, leaving behind a pile of debts due to his gambling problems. Not wanting to be associated with them, her sister was using a different last name. Katie had been left to cope with the debts, including the mortgage on their mother’s home, while she lived in a small, cramped apartment. Preferring to stay in the background and not bring attention to herself, she always dresses in brown. Even in her sleep, she dreams of her enormous debts. But she is scheduled for an interview that she hopes will be the first rung on her ladder to success. At present, she is designing costumes for a play in which heart throb Nathaniel Wolfe is starring.

Nathaniel Wolfe had learned at an early age to escape by pretending he was someone else. At the age of nine, he had discovered that he could slip into the skin of someone else and not only play at being that person, but actually become them. That was his way of escaping from the darkness that was his life. His only problem was being himself. He lives his life alone, in disguise and depends on no one else. Today there are some who believe he has no talent and has only managed to get where he is through clever camera work and his handsome face. With this play, he is determined to prove them wrong.

On opening night, Nathaniel sank into his role as King Richard II and stepped onstage. But as soon as the spotlight came up, he saw a face in the front row…a little older, but still basically the same. Suddenly, his role was forgotten and he was himself again, unable to step back into the shoes of King Richard II. As the audience began murmuring, he stepped up and announced that the performance was canceled.

Escaping the stage, Nathaniel blindly ran into Katie, catching her before she fell. But she could see the desperate look in his eyes and knew he needed her help. Giving him the help he requested, she led him to a secret way out and helped him escape with her on her Vespa scooter, taking him to her dreary little apartment.  Nervous, she could not stop talking. Agreeing to let him spend the night on her sofa, she was shocked the next morning to find her apartment surrounded by journalists. Knowing she had overheard his phone calls the night before and aware of how she liked to talk, he took her with him to a secluded island that his brother owns. There was also the matter of sexual chemistry that sizzled between them even though they did not act on it.

Katie had not wanted to leave her apartment. After all, she has to work. But without Nathaniel in the play, she has no job. She could see that he was fighting his own demons and wished he would confide in her. But every time she tried to get him to open up, he closed off completely, hiding behind a disguise no matter how hard she tried to get him to be himself. He intrigues her, but she is not interested in the actor, she wants the man. Does she stand a chance of seeing the real Nathaniel Wolfe behind the disguise? Can he open himself enough to let love in?

A story of hope, healing and love, A NIGHT OF SCANDAL is a steamy and witty contemporary romance that I could not put down. I finished it in one sitting. Talented author Sarah Morgan touches the heart through her vulnerable true-to-life characters with their flaws and foibles, each with their own secrets and ways of dealing with life. Katie is taken out of her comfort zone in the background and thrust into a surreal situation with a troubled heart throb who is always in disguise, never himself. The chemistry between them is explosive and instantaneous, but Katie is only interested in the real man, not a part he plays. However, Nathaniel is leery of letting anyone into his troubled world, as he copes better in disguise and at times, with humor. If you are looking for a terrific story with plenty of humor, sizzle and heart, A NIGHT OF SCANDAL is the story for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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