A Night to Remember
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 19, 2007 - 7:53:12 PM

Charlie Brown suffered the loss of her husband on what should have been their first wedding anniversary. It’s been a long lonely year since then. Rather than spend it alone of with people who would only feel sorry for her Charlie has chosen to drown her sorrows at a bar.

Jake Fox has spent the evening wining and dining potential clients and is thrilled when the meeting is finally over. Jake decides to stay and indulge in another drink as a reward for putting up with the members of the Banner group.

Jake notices Charlie the moment she enters the bar. In fact it’s watching her that makes getting through his meeting bearable. When the bartender cuts off her alcohol, she learns that he’s taken care of her bar tab but she’s in no mood to be courteous and personally thank him, she asks the bartender to take care of that and she leaves and goes to a nearby hotel. All of the rooms are booked and with a convention in town so are the rooms in every motel in the area. Unexpectedly, Jake overhears her conversation with the desk clerk and he has a solution to her problem. He has a room with two double beds and he’s willing to share. Sometime during the night he hears her crying and comforts her but their sexual attraction takes over and Charlie asks him to make love with her. The events result in an unplanned pregnancy.

Charlie disappeared from the hotel room while Jake was in the shower and hasn’t seen or spoken to him since so he has no clue of what has transpired in her life. It isn’t until three years later that fate brings them together again. How will Jake react to Charlie’s sudden reappearance in his life? Will he be pleased that he’s the father of a two-year-old little girl?

Even Vaughn’s A NIGHT TO REMEMBER will have readers experiencing a vast array of emotions. Charlie’s an easy character to empathize with - she’s a strong woman who’s been through a devastating loss but getting through it the best way she can. Jake is a genuinely likeable character. I loved how he was wiling to comfort Charlie when he learns of her loss and he didn’t try to take advantage of her. I could hardly wait for his reaction to learning that she carried and gave birth to his daughter without telling him. There’s no shortage of sexual tension between Jake and Charlie, but there’s a world of emotions and hurt stemming from the past that they’ll both have to find a way to get through. Eve Vaughn writes passionate tales that leave readers with a sense of well being, hope and anxiously awaiting her next contribution to the literary world.

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