A Perfect Affair

Author: Judith Gilbert

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: December 28, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Katherine Cahill lost her father to cancer ten months ago and her mother has recently undergone hip replacement surgery. She has returned to Houston for the holidays to help her mom while dealing with her own feelings about her divorce and her ex-husband's neglect of their son. She's determined to make this Christmas special, just like her dad would have wanted for both her son and her mother.

Jared Randall is an attorney who lives near Katherine's mother. He's running for city council and apparently her mother thinks he's the perfect man to help Katherine get over her cheating ex-husband. Jared may be attracted to Katherine, but he just wants her in his bed. His fiance left him a year ago at the altar and the last thing he needs is to get emotionally involved with another woman.


Katherine's vow to make Christmas special falters a bit at her son Matt's insistence that the runway lights have to be put on the two story roof or Santa won't be able to land. Still, she's a woman on a mission and saving Christmas traditions for her son is very important to her. While she's on the roof attempting to put up the lights, Jared is called by one of the neighbors who insists that Katherine almost slipped and fell. Being the good Samaritan and all around good guy that he is, he races right over to rescue her, only she doesn't want his help. Jared soon learns that Katherine may not want him around, but her son needs a man in his life, and Jared can't resist the little boy. Katherine wants a real father for Matt - one who will spend time with him, unlike his biological father. Jared was aware of Katherine and Matt?s plans to visit Santa at the mall and arranged to be mall Santa for the day. He wasn't prepared for the shock of Matt's Christmas wish. He wants Santa to bring his mom a baby. Delivering a baby for Christmas isn't a possibility, but Jared convinces Matt that his mom is really just lonesome and if she'd date then she'd be happy. Dating Katherine he could handle. Dealing with her manipulative, lowlife, cheating ex-husband, Paul, is going to be a challenge for them all.

Judith Gilbert has written a wonderful heart-touching story with A PERFECT AFFAIR. The characters are realistic and a joy to imagine as they battle to keep from falling for each other. There's constant activity and humor that only intensifes once Katherine's ex-husband steps back into the picture. This is the perfect Christmas story. It's full of hope, new beginnings, and memories. I especially loved the final showdown between Katherine and Paul. I have to applaud her audacity! A PERFECT AFFAIR is a book I'd highly recommend.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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