A Perfect Fit

Author: Megan Hart

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Audrey Winsom and Joel Goldman have been study buddies and friends for over a year. Joel was well known around the college campus, mostly by his reputation as a flirt. There were even some rumors going around that he was a paid escort, but Audrey ignored most of the talk. Audrey would be the first to admit that Joel was a flirt but he was so much more than that. Joel was smart, funny, and when they studied together Joel always pushed Audrey to do her best. Audrey would have to be blind not to notice Joel’s drop dead gorgeous looks but she has no intention of getting romantically involved with him.

Joel knew about the rumors going around and his reputation around campus as a stud but it never seemed to bother him before. He had his share of dates but he always made it clear that he didn’t want any permanent ties, until now. Joel really liked Audrey and he wanted their relationship to go beyond just friendship, if only he could get Audrey to trust him.

When Audrey’s daughter Lauren goes to her father’s house for the weekend she thought she would have a whole weekend to study. Then her friend Karen calls inviting her out for a wild night on the town starting with Muy Caliente, a male revue. Before long Audrey and Karen are having the time of their lives dancing with the men, even slipping money in their pants. Then Audrey gets the surprise of her life when Joel walks out onto the stage and begins a sensual dance that leaves Audrey breathless. Can Joel convince Audrey that he is more than just a pretty face, that together they could be a PERFECT FIT?

Megan Hart has written another winning story with PERFECT FIT. Though short PERFECT FIT is a sensual, sizzling novel that is sure to please any romance fan. I have had the pleasure of reading many of Mrs. Hart’s novels and have never been disappointed, she has a true talent for writing. PERFECT FIT is a book I will be enjoying again and again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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