A Perfect Fit - Fairy Tales Unleashed, Book 2
By Claudette
Oct 2, 2011 - 5:25:45 PM

Sneaking out of Darius Fiore's bed, after the most intensely erotic night of her life; Rowyn Jeong thinks she's seen the last of him.  After all, it was just one amazing night when she could be someone other than her workaholic perfectionist self.

Darius has never before had a woman run out on him the morning after.  Finding out that she is the stepdaughter of his soon to be new business partner is a bonus, now he can pursue the woman he craves.

A PERFECT FIT is a fairytale with a difference.  If you've ever thought the stepsisters were far more interesting than the cloying perfection of Cinderella, then you are in for a treat with Ms. Simone's version of the old tale.  The author shows us a side of the not at all ugly step sister that we never saw before.

Rowyn Jeong is a young woman with a lot of admirable qualities, none of them noticed by her family who all have issues of their own.  Her mother is cold, critical and unhappy, her stepfather is indifferent to her - and his wife, and her stepsister is not all sweetness and light as she appears.

Six months ago, Rowyn ditched her usually rigid self control and spent an unforgettable night in Darius Fiore's bed.  She is both shaken and stirred, when she finds out that her stepfather plans to do business with Darius. 

Darius can't get the memories of his night with Rowyn out of his mind.  Now that he's found her again, he has no intention of letting her slip away out of his life.

This book is steaming hot, poignant and a joy.  The little touches of humor contrasting the extracts of the traditional tale with quotes from the main characters are sheer brilliance.  It is no surprise that I give this book the full set of ribbons.

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