A Perfect Proposal
By Michele Rioli
Oct 21, 2013 - 11:48:32 PM

Change is definitely in the air. Englishwoman Sophie Apperly can just feel it. She is utterly fed up with her stifling family who treat her as a second-class citizen. They encourage her to spend time with her eccentric Uncle Eric who they insist is wealthy but stingy. Sophie learns many interesting things from her uncle, including the fact that he possibly owns drilling rights, but there is a catch. Is it real? To find out, Sophie will have to investigate some remote relative. In addition, her American girlfriend who lives in New York invites Sophie to stay with her. Plus, Sophie lands a job as a nanny with a family and so she books passage on the next flight out to New York. When Sophie lands in Manhattan, her job prospect evaporates when the family has an unexpected family emergency. What is Sophie to do?

Her girlfriend says Sophie can stay with her. The apartment is cracker-box sized, and Sophie doesn’t like sponging off her best friend. When she attends an art reception in New York, luck comes her way. An elderly woman proceeds to faint and Sophie rushes to her rescue. This chance encounter leads to an invite from the genteel woman who is English born. The elderly lady, named Matilda, is a very wealthy woman, who takes an instant liking to Sophie. She invites her to stay at her mansion and attend Thanksgiving. Matilda’s grandson, who accompanied her to the art event, rushes over, unhappy to find Sophie ensconced on the floor with his Grandma. After learning his Grandma invited Sophie to Thanksgiving, he definitely is not pleased and it shows. Sophie hems and haws but eventually gives in because of Matilda’s charms and her infectious personality. Well, living arrangements have been taken care of for now but what other surprises are in store for Sophie?

When Matilda’s grandson Luke, a debonair, handsome, but haughty guy makes a proposal to Sophie, she wavers, her heart pounds, as she muses to herself some possibilities about the situation and then she hesitatingly accepts. What is the proposition? Sophie counters his proposition with one of her own. Will he accept?

Come on board for a fun, rollicking, romantic adventure in Katie Fforde’s new novel, A PERFECT PROPOSAL. When Sophie Apperly’s Uncle Eric tells her that he possibly owns drilling rights but she has to find some distant relative first, she heads off on a trip to New York. Who would have thought that Sophie Apperly, from England, would wind up in New York? Definitely not Sophie! When this opportunity of a lifetime pops up, Sophie jumps in with both feet. Finding a distant relative might seem like a daunting project, but to Sophie it is just another adventure. When she perchance meets a tantalizingly handsome, wealthy man named Luke at an art show, life is definitely looking up! He is infuriatingly full of himself, but Sophie can’t help being drawn to him. Will these two hook up? If Luke’s grandma Matilda has anything to say about it, they will. The story flows easily and holds the reader in its spell. I enjoyed how Ms. Fforde takes the reader on a journey through different countries, including detailed descriptions of the scenery, which added an authentic feel. Ms. Fforde has a perfect understanding of love, family and friendship. Sophie is a real character and her attraction to Luke is undeniable. Whether they got together or not, their story had me quickly turning the pages, wondering when the author would reveal this tidbit.  A PERFECT PROPOSAL is perfectly spontaneous and perfectly wisecracking, off-the-wall fun.

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