A Perfect Stranger

Author: Terry McLaughlin

Publisher: Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: January 8, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Sydney Gordon is a woman whose innate nature is to be impulsive and this has gotten her into a lot of trouble.  Sydney has worked very hard at changing and “improving” herself by organizing and scheduling every moment to keep her impulsive nature under control. Unfortunately, the harder she tries, the more her plans backfire getting her into impossible and embarrassing situations.   She thinks, however, that things in her life have calmed.  She is “almost engaged” to the perfect man, Henry.  He is reliable, steady and persistent.  He wants the same stable things out of life as she does.  Absolutely perfect - right?  Then why can’t she just tell Henry “yes” instead of a firm “maybe” and be happy?   Hopefully, the upcoming trip to Europe escorting teenagers on a tour will give her the distance and perspective she needs to commit.

Nick Martelli is a published writer who needs some inspiration for his new book.  He thought hanging out with his brother in Europe while escorting some high school students would provide some stimulating thoughts.  He had not bargained for a whirlwind of a woman.  Nick sees this drop-dead gorgeous strawberry-blonde woman across the way struggling with her luggage.  He sees this as a perfect opportunity to help a lady and introduce himself.  The next thing he knows, he is on the ground with a bloody lip.  This gorgeous woman, thinking he was a mugger, hit him with her bag.

As hard as Sydney has worked at curbing her impulses, how could fate land a hunk like Nick on the same European tour with her.  The sexual tension between Sydney and Nick is strong and everyone can see the heat sizzling between them.  All she can think about is how good his kisses were, and all Nick can think about is kissing her again.  But, she is an almost engaged woman. How can Nick convince Sydney to be her impulsive self and give him a chance?

A PERFECT STRANGER touches a serious subject with witty humor.  Sometimes things appear “perfect,” but they aren’t “perfect” for you.  How do you let go of your preconceived ideas of what you need and take a chance on what really makes you happy?  This story has two great characters and two good supporting characters who give this book heart while embracing this conflict.  Terry McLaughlin has a great flowing writing style.   I recommend this book to romance readers everywhere.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dana

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