A Place in the Country
By Ann
Jun 27, 2012 - 4:30:56 PM

Caroline Evans never thought she would be a divorcee even though her husband had been divorced twice before.   Yet here she was, back in England with a fifteen-year-old daughter, Izzy, starting over with only a small settlement and little child support thanks to a prenuptial agreement signed so many years ago.  She decides to use the money to buy an old pub and restore it to provide for the future but along the way she finds that life is just beginning for Izzy and her.

A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY is a new adventure for readers and Caroline.  Caroline is starting over when she returns from Singapore to England when she decides to open up a restaurant with the help of her friends.  She is scared and unsure of herself and her daughter Izzy’s teenage angst doesn’t help at all but an unexpected surprise brings them closer together when tragedy strikes.  The romance is gentle and unforced which was nice.  I liked how Caroline and Jim enjoyed each other’s company.  There was no major drama or angst.  The mystery arc is introduced and solved but I wonder if there is a follow-up coming because I would love to see these characters again. 

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