A Pleasurable Cure for Death

Author: Tara S. Nichols

Publisher: Cobblestone Press, LLC.

Release Date: 12/14/09

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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The doctor’s words condemned her to a death sentence…

Lydia was stunned as the doctor informed her that she had an incurable brain tumor and only had a month to live.  At twenty-five, she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to all of her dreams and those she loved.  She wanted to run away from it all, somewhere that she didn’t have to deal with all of the decisions she was being forced to face. 

He has the life saving force that could grant her eternity…

Sebastian was a male nurse who worked at the hospital where Lydia had been undergoing all of her tests.  His friendship came as a welcome diversion to escape the uncertainty of her health problems.  The day she discovered her final prognosis, he raced to her side to offer her comfort.  He revealed to her that he was a vampire that could save her life, one bite and she would be able to live until eternity ended. 

Will Lydia be able to trust Sebastian enough to believe he can save her from a certain death?  Or will she give into the death that is determined to claim her life?

A PLEASURABLE CURE FOR DEATH is an excellent heartfelt romance.  Having a main character that is facing a life altering event is always a welcome reading experience.  I highly recommend A PLEASURABLE CURE FOR DEATH to paranormal fans who crave an irresistible vampire.  I guarantee that Sebastian will exceed all of your requirements.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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