A Proper Seduction
By Chrissy Dionne
May 13, 2013 - 6:23:41 AM

Lauren MacDonald has gone through a difficult divorce with her husband making her life a living nightmare and dragging her name through the mud.  Now that she’s officially single again she’s determined to take back her personal choice regarding her body.  In order to do so she has a proposition for her ex-husband’s best friend Justin.  Her husband once invited him to their marriage bed against her wishes.  This time it will be on her terms and she’s not going to apologize for taking what she needs to regain her sense of self.


Unbeknownst to Lauren, Justin Scott, went to bat for her against Gavin, his former best friend and her now ex-husband.  When things were at their nastiest in their divorce battle Justin stepped in behind the scenes and threatened to testify on her behalf.  Justin doesn’t deny that he desires Lauren but he does regret accepting Gavin’s invitation to play sexual games with her – games she wasn’t prepared for and didn’t want.  The last thing he expects is for Lauren to walk into his office and announce that not only is her divorce final, but she wants him for three nights – three nights full of sexual interactions that will allow her to excise the demon of her ex-husband and regain her self-esteem.


While Justin’s not opposed to sex with Lauren her cold attitude about it does bother him.  She doesn’t want romance, dinner, a movie, or even emotional attachment.  What she wants is raw sex with a partner she can trust and to be able to walk away once it’s over.  When he arrives at the hotel room she designated she’s all business and exacting in what she expects but keeping her emotions separate from their sexual encounter is almost impossible – even though she does her best to deny it.  If it was nothing more than a mere sex she wouldn’t have rushed out of that hotel room like her clothes were on fire.  By the time their third night is over she’s discovered some self-truths -and Justin’s admitted to his own failures, but the healings begun, and maybe, just maybe they’ll find a way to admit that they want so much more than just three nights.


HelenKay Dimon’s A PROPER SEDUCTION is a short but exciting read.  The abuse Lauren suffered at her ex-husband’s hands has taken a toll on her emotionally but she didn’t slink away, instead she came out swinging and fought him in a long ugly court battle.  The war still isn’t over; he stole her self-esteem and Lauren believes that engaging in three nights of sex with Justin will help her regain what she’s lost.  What she gets is so much more because Justin understands what she’s trying to do and also knows that she deserves to be loved and he’s just the man to give that to her – if she’ll let him.  Ms. Dimon manages to make what could be a seedy story into a beautiful romance as readers get to watch Lauren and Justin struggle against their own desires and needs while they try to one up each other in their little battle of wills.  Beautifully written with characters who touch you emotionally – everything a good read should be.

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