A Rancher's Pride
By Dottie
May 4, 2011 - 5:56:26 PM

Sam Robertson had gotten into trouble as a teenager. With his friend Porter, he had become drunk on whiskey that they snitched from Porter’s father. An accident caused while they were under the influence of the alcohol resulted in the barn being burned down along with half of the animals. Due to the recent death of Sam’s father and out of respect for his mother, the judge had given him probation. When he sobered up, he also found he had acquired a wife, Ronnie. Afterwards, he had lived quietly on the family farm, but Ronnie had not liked life there and had called her sister to pick her up, falsely complaining that he had abused her. During Ronnie’s time on the farm, the townspeople discovered that Ronnie was not familiar with the truth, always making up lies. Now he lives quietly with his mom Sharleen.

Kayla Ward, a teacher at a school for the deaf, is Ronnie’s sister. They also have another sister, Lianna, who is deaf, but she attended a school for the hearing impaired. Kayla and Lianna are close, but Ronnie does not have much to do with her deaf sister.

After working on the farm all day, Sam is shocked to discover that while he was working, Ronnie returned to the farm and left him a gift…his four-year-old daughter Becky whom he had not known even existed. He has no idea how to communicate with her since she is deaf. But he fell in love with her at first sight. There was no doubt she was his daughter; she had eyes just like his and his father’s. Ronnie had verbally given him complete custody through his mother.

When Kayla received word that her sister had taken her niece and given her to Sam, the niece that she loved and had helped raise, she went directly to Sam’s farm, determined to win custody of the deaf girl. After all, she could communicate with her niece, who knew her better than she did her own father. Besides, she could not help remembering the tales Ronnie had told her about Sam’s abusive treatment and how he had not wanted the child she carried.  She could not let a man like that raise her niece.

However, on the day they went to court, the judge of the small town wanted the child to get to know her father, so he would not give either one what they wanted. Instead he gave them temporary joint custody and hoped they would work out their differences for the good of the child.

Kayla convinced Sam to let her stay at the farm during the six weeks, though he was reluctant about it. In the meantime, Kayla had her lawyer looking for something she could use against Sam and doing whatever she could to win points over him with the judge. However, during that time she also began seeing Sam for the man he really was. As her feelings for him grew, she began to suspect that her sister had lied to her. Sam was attracted to Kayla, but he could not forget this was the woman who was trying to steal his child from him. Can they get beyond their doubts about each other and forge a happy ending for all three of them?

Heartwarming, A RANCHER’S PRIDE is an emotion-packed contemporary romance. Although I did not like Kayla in the beginning, I did understand the reasons why she felt as she did. Stealing the story is the adorable Becky. Sam struggles with how to communicate with his daughter and how he can keep her safe since she would be unable to hear any approaching danger. A beautifully written story packed with love, conflict, charismatic characters and an intriguing plot, this is a story you will want to read more than once. Talented author Barbara White Daille reaches for the heart and touches it in A RANCHER’S PRIDE! Do not miss it!

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