A Ring and a Rainbow

Author: Deanna Talcott

Publisher: Silhouette Romance

Release Date: January 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Claire Dent and Hunter Starnes were childhood sweethearts, growing up in Lost Falls, Wyoming.  Promises were made by the youngsters at the Starnes’ cabin outside of town, when they saw a double rainbow and thought there was really a pot of gold at the end.  They figured if they buried a little gold, the next time there was a double rainbow, it would make more gold.  Oh, the dreams of children.

Claire Dent is now thirty-four, a real estate agent and single.  She had hoped that she and Hunter would be married by now, but he left town 'wanting to make something of himself.' Claire still lives next door to Ella Starnes, the mother of Hunter and four females.   Ella unexpectedly died a couple of days ago. The family is coming home for the funeral. Being the good neighbor, and feeling like family, Claire made a chicken pot pie and took it over to the house.  She still has a key and so, not seeing any cars in the driveway, goes into the Starnes house and bumps right into the man she did not want to see.
Hunter Starnes is a six-foot-four hard body who decided that since all his sisters were married and had families, he needed to stay in Claire's guest room so he could get some rest during this trying time.  Claire does not want him staying in her house because she has a good reputation in the town, and she is concerned that people will start talking and thinking Hunter and she were 'taking up where they left off' years ago.  Hunter, of course, does not care what the town thinks.
Will Hunter return to California or will he stay in Wyoming?  How many women are waiting for him to return?  Will he give up the home he grew up in?
A RING AND A RAINBOW by Deanna Talcott is a beautifully written love story with a strong heroine.  Claire is definitely an independent woman who makes you take notice.  I am impressed by what Hunter decides to do for his hometown. The ending had me in tears. I will be happy to read anything that Deanna Talcott writes.  Thank you for writing this.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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