A Road Through The Mountains
By Patti Fleishman
May 21, 2004 - 5:09:00 PM

Life is a gift that must be cherished and never taken lightly.  The journey is extraordinary, the path seldom straight.  When there is a chance that it can be taken away, we grasp it between clenched fingers and hold on tightly, the will to survive is great.  Sometimes we need help along the way.  A heart reaches out and in those few moments that can seem like a lifetime, a love so pure and true is what carries your soul and guides it safely back where it belongs.

Elizabeth McGregor tells a story that is as hauntingly beautiful as it is poignant and memorable.  Anna Russell has so many things to be thankful for.  She has a supportive, loving mother, Grace, and a beautiful daughter, Rachel, who is quite intelligent and suffers with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. Anna is a gifted and talented painter whose insight into color and texture is just now beginning to make an impact in the artistic world.  The man in her life has decided to take charge of Anna's career and the power he holds over her has her changing the way she paints. Now he wants to control Rachel, too.  He thinks he knows what's best for both of them and will go to any lengths to have everything his way. Anna is now beginning to see that she no longer wants him in her life and is trying to figure out just how to make that happen.


It seems her thoughts had never strayed far from the man she fell in love with while she was in England attending school.  David Mortimer was the man to whom Anna had given her heart. Their love had been intensely passionate and brief but it was enough to produce a child, Rachel. She never told David about the life that was stirring inside nor did Anna ever keep in touch with him when she fled from his life forever.  Her deep fear that he'd leave her was the impetus for her leaving him before he could hurt her. 


David, a scientist who has lived in seclusion in England since Anna left him, is notified by Anna's mother that she has been in a terrible accident and is fighting for her life while in a coma. She would like him to help Anna.  But the biggest surprise of all comes when he learns that he's a father.  David has always been set in his ways, everything in his life has a specific order and he never strays from that.  There comes a moment when he almost decides not to make the trip across the ocean but changes his mind and takes that first step toward discovery. 


When he first lays eyes upon his daughter he is taken aback for it is in her eyes that he sees his father - a man he never understood and made it a point to never harbor a close relationship with.  It is through Rachel and her beautiful ways and enchanting personality that he finally understands his life from long ago.


It's always been Anna - she was the love of his life.  It had always been David - he was the man with whom she could be herself.  What had gone so terribly wrong?  Now, all David had was the image of Anna lying in her hospital bed, her lifeless form in limbo.  Would she know he was there beside her, trying to coax her mind back into this world?


Through the flowers and plants they shared a deep interest in, David once again plans the adventure of a lifetime for Anna and him - only now Rachel is their guide.  Together they take Anna through mountains and valleys, lush forests and stone paths - allowing her mind to hear and bring her back to them. 


A ROAD THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS is a story of hope and triumph.  It's the story of a deep connection that is shared by two beautiful souls and winds its way through breathtaking images of nature. It's a place where a young soul is searching for her identity and discovers a heart that has been waiting to love her. Elizabeth McGregor is truly a creative and talented author.

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