A SEAL's Fantasy
By Dottie
Aug 20, 2014 - 9:53:35 AM

Dominic Castillo has it all; a career he loves, a caring family, the brotherhood of his fellow SEALs and women falling at his feet. But lately, he feels dissatisfied. After a mission gone awry, Dominic has been sidelined with bruises over three quarters of his body and a concussion, unable to accompany his unit on missions. Although he has now been released by his doctor, it is not in time to go on the latest mission, thanks to the by-the-book jerk, Phillip Banks, who is also the ranking officer in Dominic’s unit and the bane of his life. So, as Dominic’s team heads out, he takes leave and attends his cousin’s bachelor party. That same night, he receives an urgent call from one of his teammates. Phillip has been captured by the drug lord they were sent to eliminate. Now it is up to Dominic to locate Phillip’s sister before the drug lord’s goons do and to keep her safe. Should the drug lord get his hands on her, the chance of a successful rescue is very slim.

Lara Banks’ first love has always been dancing. She even chose it over her family, whom she has not seen in eight years. But an accident and a series of bad men choices ended her promising career on Broadway, destroying her trust in men in the process. Finding herself broke, friendless and alone in Reno, Lara took a job as a showgirl. It is during one such show that she spots a sexy guy in the audience who stands out from everyone else. Little does she know she will soon be on the run with him and relying on him to protect her.

As Dominic and Lara spend time alone together, the sparks begin to fly and they have trouble keeping their hands off each other. While Dominic fears a long-term relationship, not believing that the life of a SEAL and marriage can be combined successfully, Lara realizes that she is falling in love with Dominic. Can Dominic keep Lara safe and overcome his issues, or will he lose his fantasy woman?

Sizzling hot, A SEAL’S FANTASY, the latest book in New York Times bestselling author Tawny Weber’s UNIFORMLY HOT SEALS series, is an adrenaline-packed, sensual contemporary romance that heats up the pages. Although Lara comes from a wealthy family, she has never felt loved. Combined with her previous experiences, she is left vulnerable and feeling unworthy of love. Dominic realizes that Lara stirs strong feelings in him, but he believes that marriage and the life of a SEAL do not go hand-in-hand. Still, being the one who always solves problems, Dominic is determined to fix the relationship between Lara and her brother, whether Lara wants it or not. These two are perfect for each other and I enjoyed their interaction.

I am a huge fan of Ms. Weber’s works, especially her Navy SEAL stories. This one, in particular, will keep readers glued to the pages as she combines naughty fantasies, hunky SEALs, a feisty showgirl, danger, intrigue, scorching sensuality, romance and love. For a captivating story filled with humor, heat and plenty of sass, pick up a copy of A SEAL’S FANTASY! But be warned; it will leave you longing for a Dominic of your own.

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