A SEAL's Kiss
By Dottie
Mar 12, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Sage has spent her life looking for bliss, never staying in one place for long and changing jobs in her search. Meanwhile, her friends are looking for love and getting married. Now she is the only one left who is single. So when she returns home to find that her best friend has just eloped and persists in fixing her up with blind dates, Sage blurts out that she is engaged…to Aidan, her childhood friend, who is away on duty. When she returns home afterwards and finds her father looking aged and sick, she is horrified to discover that he is dying. But the twinkle in his eyes gives her hope…a twinkle put there by the news that Sage is engaged to Aidan, his mentor.

Navy SEAL Petty Officer Aidan Masters grew up as a geeky kid, but now his rigid training has given him a rock hard body and plenty of sexual appeal to add to his genius mind. Growing up, he had been too smart for his classes, so Professor had taken Aidan under his wing and became his mentor. Knowing Aidan also needed a social life, Sage had befriended him. Although Aidan has desired Sage for a long time, he considers her to be off limits to him. But when he returns home to the congratulations of everyone he meets in his hometown, he wonders what Sage is up to now. Although the last thing Aidan wants is marriage, knowing the survival rates of Navy SEAL marriages, he reluctantly agrees to Sage’s plan of a fake engagement, believing that the joy of their engagement will prolong the Professor’s life. The engagement will last only until her father recovers his health. But he has his own conditions. The engagement will be carried out like a military mission, the truth of the engagement will be kept secret, it will only last until her father recovers his health and especially, no sex, particularly between them. Now, if he can only keep his hands off Sage until then.

However, Sage takes his ‘no sex’ rule as her own personal challenge, refusing to agree to it as she wants nothing more than to be intimate with Aidan. Will she be successful in her mission to seduce Aidan? Will they make their fake engagement the real thing, or go their separate ways when their mission is over?

A very sexy tale, A SEAL’S KISS, the fourth book in USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber’s SEXY SEALS series, is a witty, sensual contemporary romance. The chemistry between Aidan and Sage is scorching hot and the humor is laugh-out-loud as the free-spirited Sage wages her own mission to coax the uptight Aidan into her bed. Sizzling sensuality, hunky Navy SEALs, a free-spirited heroine, a fake engagement, sexual tension, witty banter, romance and true love all combine to give readers a deliciously exciting read. Although this book can be read as a standalone, all of the books in this series are amazing. I have enjoyed reading the entire series and definitely recommend them. If you are looking for a terrific story to while away an afternoon, filled with sexy hunks, humor, heat and plenty of sass, look no further than a novel by author Tawny Weber! Give yourself a treat and pick up a copy of A SEAL’S KISS! While you are at it, why not also pick up copies of the rest of the SEXY SEALS novels, including A SEAL’S SEDUCTION, A SEAL’S SURRENDER and A SEAL’S SALVATION.

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