A SEAL's Salvation
By Dottie
Jan 24, 2014 - 5:24:29 PM

Brody Lane grew up with an alcoholic father and most of the townspeople judged him according to his dad’s reputation. When he is caught misbehaving with the sheriff’s daughter, Genna, he is given a choice between the Army or the Navy. Joining the Navy is the best thing Brody has ever done. He finds his niche and becomes one of the elite, a Navy SEAL, whose code name is Badass. Ten years later, he receives a letter from Genna, informing him of her brother’s death. She figured he would want to know since her brother had been his best friend. Although Brody has never forgotten her, he considers her the town princess and still remembers her role in getting him exiled from his hometown, so he angrily answers her letter. His short and to the point reply to her letter soon sparks a series of naughty messages sent back and forth between them. But when a mission goes wrong, with the death of a teammate and Brody injured, he returns to his hometown to heal and be near his grandmother.

Genna Reilly has been closely controlled by her parents and feels that she has to make up for her brother’s unlawful ways. She blames herself for Brody’s exile since the intimacy that caused it had been her response to a dare by her friends. Seventeen at the time, she had been confined to her home for a month. By the time the month was up, Brody was already gone. Ten years later, no man has ever compared to Brody and when she sends him the letter about her brother, she hopes to hear from him. However, she never counted on the feelings inspired by their subsequent correspondence.

Prodded by Brody’s grandmother, Genna pays a visit to the injured SEAL and is shocked by the changes in him. Now withdrawn and hiding his pain, she can see that he suffers from more than just his physical injuries. Can she bring her favorite badass back to life, or will she lose him for good?

A sexy tale, A SEAL’S SALVATION, the third book in bestselling author Tawny Weber’s HOT, SEXY SEALS series, is a touching, sensual contemporary romance that will have you smiling at times and near tears at others. Like the rest of this amazing series, I enjoyed this series immensely. The well-drawn characters are true-to-life with all the foibles and vulnerabilities inherent in human beings as they work out the problems that life dishes out to them. Dealing with parent issues and PTSD, these two wonderful characters struggle to rise above it all, resulting in an emotional ending that is sure to delight readers. The chemistry between Brody and Genna is so hot, you almost expect to see smoke rising from the pages!

Filled with humor, realistic characters, physical and emotional healing, family dynamics, small town issues, romance and a one-of-a-kind love, this story is sure to steal your heart. I am a huge fan of Ms. Weber and her Navy SEALs and eagerly await her next installment to this tantalizing series. If you enjoy stories that quickly draw you in, with plenty of humor, heat and hunky men, this is the book for you. Definitely a Recommended Read!

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