28 Days of Heart - A Shadow's Kiss
By Lydia Ferrari
Mar 8, 2010 - 7:53:21 PM

Anna is racing against time, living her life to the fullest before she is obligated to keep a promise made generations before her birth.  However, time has caught up with her and now she must meet the vampire she has been promised to marry.



Haversham has come to find Anna to remind her that she is dying.  The only thing that will save her life is to fulfill the promise to make the commitment of marriage to the vampire, Malcolm.  Fully expecting the evil and repulsive vampire she was introduced to as a child, Anna is taken by surprise when she meets the dark haired, mysterious, and seductive Malcolm.

Soon Anna discovers that she and Malcolm are pawns in an evil spirits plan to use the blood of innocents to prolong its time on earth.  Cursed to remain in the shadow’s and out of the sunlight, will their love for each other, and the shadow bride’s kiss, be enough to save them, or will they fall into the evil plan that so many others have failed?  Read this story to get a new and intriguing spin on the old tale of good versus evil with a touch of romance and the love that forms when two strangers find each other’s future where and when they least expect it.



Reviewed by:


Lydia Ferrari 

Romance Junkies Reviewer





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