A Safe And Welcome Nest

Author: Judith B. Glad

Publisher: Pure Vanilla

Release Date: June 24, 2000

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Jake was a loner, he was used to solitude.  In fact, he liked it better that way.  After 8 months in the Arctic, he wasn’t exactly thrilled to be back among people.  However, the judge said he had to provide a stable home in order for Matthew to live with him.  The judge felt that Jake had neglected his son.  He did not want to place Matthew with him; however, Matthew was not adjusting to living with his mother so the judge was giving Jake one more chance to make things right.  Jake was spending a few days camping before he started his new job and set out to make a home for his son.  It was quiet, he was alone…he was in his element.  That is, until he heard the sounds of a motorcycle.

Delilah was on the camping trip with the motorcycle club.  She didn’t intend to accompany them for the rest of the road trip, but this was how she was starting off her vacation.  Delilah had many things to think about, many decisions to make.  With her last daughter leaving home for college, loneliness was all around her.  She was currently experiencing what is known as “Empty Nest Syndrome”.  She could admit that the thought of being alone, with no one to love or to love her for the next 20 or 30 years, frightened her.


When Jake and Delilah see one another across the campgrounds, awareness is instantaneous.  Delilah experiences a feeling of awakening from a long nap.  She can’t remember the last time she desired a man, can’t remember the last time she tossed and turned all night because her body was inflamed by another.  Jake is irritated that Delilah has intruded on his solitude, but he wants her just the same. 


Delilah offers Jake the deal of a lifetime.  He can move into her house with his son. Delilah was thinking of taking in boarders.  It wouldn’t hurt to have a man she desired under her roof.  Jake thought that, given his current situation, this was the perfect place to start.  Jake keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop.  He can’t trust that Delilah is sincere in offering her home to him.  That’s just the type of person she is; someone is in need and if she can help, she will.  In no time at all, Jake is in Delilah’s bed.  It is the only time when there is no tension between them or arguments.  Jake knows he has to put Matthew first.  He can’t imagine why he gets jealous at his son’s closeness to Delilah.  Delilah is only trying to make Jake comfortable in her world; people, love, familiarity are what she needs, but those very things are driving Jake away.  Delilah wants Jake’s love, for he already has hers.  Jake wants Delilah, but not on terms she can accept for he also wants his solitude.  How will these two lovers ever find the balance to be together?


A Safe And Welcome Nest is a realistic story of two very different people struggling to find common ground.  Jake’s unusual childhood leaves him unable to trust and take pleasure in those around him.  He likes being alone; he is comfortable being alone.  He is at constant war with himself over his feelings for Delilah.  Delilah understands Jake, or so she thinks.  She sees the pain in his eyes and wants to make it better.  Judith B. Glad does a brilliant job of conveying the thoughts and emotions of her characters.  She brings them to life in such a way that readers are swept up in into their story.  Fantastic, incredible story!!!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jaymi

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