A Seal's Seduction
By Dottie
Jan 24, 2013 - 3:27:36 PM

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Blake Landon, aka Boy Scout, and his two friends, Phil Hawkins and Cade Sullivan, are close as brothers and known to the others as The Three Amigos. So when one of them, Phil, dies during a mission, Blake needs the action of another mission. The last thing he wants is a two week furlough, more time to grieve over his friend, but that is just what the admiral has ordered and this time must be taken off base. So he figures he will drive up the California coast and check out the sights.

Scientist Alexia Lane was a brainiac in school, skipping grades and making few friends. An army brat, she traveled with her family. But her failure to be challenged in her studies led to boredom and at the age of sixteen, she was involved in a scandal. This caused a rift with her father, who has never forgiven her. But at least she has the acceptance of her gay brother, Michael. After studying in New York, under the tutelage of a brilliant scientist named Edward, she has now returned to California to accept a job in which she is studying ways to correct and enhance sexual activity in abuse victims. Edward is now her boss and they are considering a relationship, but she is not sexually attracted to him and that trait is high on her relationship list.

While sunning on the beach with her brother, Alexia meets Blake for the first time and is attracted to him. But it is not until she runs into him at a bar and rescues him from a clinging blonde that they spend the night together. What starts out as a one night stand soon turns into a weekend spent together, and Alexia begins to think in terms of having a relationship with him. During the whole time they are together, it never comes out that Blake is military…the one type of man that she wants nothing to do with.

Blake knows of her aversion to military men, but for once a woman is looking at him as a man, not as a uniform, and he wants to experience it a bit longer. However, by the time the weekend is over, he knows that he wants her in his life. But can he convince her to give him, a Navy SEAL, a chance, or will he lose her forever?

A titillating read, A SEAL’S SEDUCTION, written by talented author Tawny Weber for Harlequin’s UNIFORMLY HOT series, is a witty, sizzling hot contemporary romance that is sure to turn up the heat. Known for her sexy, sassy romances with attitude, Ms. Weber definitely does not disappoint with this one. Combining humor, engaging characters, danger, kidnapping, Navy SEALS, tragedy, realistic dialogue, an intriguing plot, romance and love, this story is one that readers will find nearly impossible to put down before reaching the delicious ending. As a huge fan of Ms. Weber’s work, I am now eagerly awaiting her next book in this series, A SEAL’S SURRENDER, Cade’s story, which is due out in March 2013. In the meantime, be sure to check out A SEAL’S SEDUCTION - a great way to spend a cold winter’s day! Highly recommended!

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