A Season in Avalon

Author: Sandee McCann

Publisher: Tree Press

Release Date: October 9, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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At the age of eighteen Posey McGlynn left her childhood home in Avalon, Pennsylvania and moved to England. Her family lived in a house located in the middle of the cemetery where her father dug graves. Posey had been teased mercilessly as a child and couldn’t escape her hated hometown fast enough. Fifteen years later, her mother’s stroke forces her to return and a series of events conspire to try to keep her from leaving.

Posey had vowed to return to England as soon as her mother was doing better but within a matter of weeks, she had a second stroke and passed away. Because the town council had voted to excavate the cemetery in favor of a mall, Posey and her sister, Vi, opted to have their mother cremated. The council offered Posey a position as Field Supervisor and a tidy sum for the house. Her employers in England couldn’t hold her position while she was in America for an undetermined amount of time, so the money she’d make from the sale of the house would help her start anew once she returns to England. Her baby sister, Daisy, was buried there more than twenty years ago and Posey is plagued with fears of what will happen if her coffin hadn’t held together over time. If her sister must be moved than she’d like it to be with dignity and doesn’t want the anthropologist to take any tissue samples. The only person who may be able to help her is her attractive boarder Zee, owner of Necromedrea, the company that’s been hired to carry out the excavation.

Zee has been working in the funeral graves, and excavations business since he was only fourteen. This excavation is his last before finalizing the sale of the company to a South Florida corporation and retiring at forty-two. He’s lived for his company for so long and he’s always moving about the country, so forming real relationships aren’t possible. Now that he’s close to retirement he wants to live a normal life - maybe even get married and have kids. He’s interested in Posey, but how is he ever going to convince her that he feels anything for her when he doesn’t know how to show his emotions?

Sandee McCann’s A SEASON IN AVALON will take readers through a riot of emotions. You’ll experience Posey’s dislike of the small town and her upset over her sister’s remains being moved. You’ll fall in love with Zee and be drawn into his past as you learn more about him. After reading the goings on in this sleepy little town I could fully appreciate Posey’s dislike of the community and anxiously read each page to find out what would happen next, especially when some of the characters began to display distasteful traits. Ms. McCann writes a well thought out story full of emotional situations that readers are sure to enjoy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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