A Sinful Seduction
By Dottie
Jun 3, 2014 - 11:45:00 PM

It has been two years since the suicide death of Cal Jeffords’ best friend and business partner, Nick. Shortly after the death, Nick’s wife, Megan, disappeared along with two million in foundation funds. Since then, Cal has been searching for her, certain when he finds her, he will find the money. When one of the many private detectives he hired comes to him with the news that a Megan Cardston is working as a volunteer nurse for the foundation in East Africa, Cal wastes no time in traveling there.

Megan had believed she was married to a wealthy man and spent accordingly. But days before his suicide she discovered that he was embezzling funds from the foundation. Aghast at having spent money needed by others, she is trying to make amends by volunteering as a nurse for the foundation in one of the neediest places on earth, the Sudan. But a violent act has left her shaken and suffering from panic attacks. She is sent to an outlying area to recover, but while there, her past arrives on her doorstep in the form of Cal, her husband’s business partner.

All of Cal’s previous attempts have gained him no answers, so he figures if he gets close to Megan, she will tell him what he wants to know. He is determined to get his answers, even if he has to sleep with her, which will be no hardship since he has always desired Megan. Arriving at the site in Africa where she is taking a respite, he convinces the doctor she works for to let her go with him on a photo safari.

Megan feels an attraction for Cal, but something keeps her from giving in to the mutual desire between them. She also knows he wants answers, but she has none to give. Still, she is hiding something, and its discovery just may make it impossible for Cal to walk away from her as his protective instincts kick in and he realizes his true feelings for her. Will they get beyond their past issues to have a future together, or will the embezzlement and suspicion get in the way?

A touching tale, A SINFUL SEDUCTION, the latest novel by author Elizabeth Lane, will quickly enthrall readers. The African setting, its people and wildlife are vividly brought to life to the point that you almost feel as if you are there. From the very beginning, I was swept up into the story and found it hard to leave the characters behind at the end. Cal wants answers no matter what he has to do to get them, but being around Megan confuses him. Which is the true Megan – the wealthy woman he knew as the wife of his best friend or the courageous, considerate woman he finds in Africa?

Infused with suspicion, embezzlement, horrid conditions, rape, trauma, murder, healing, passion and love, A SINFUL SEDUCTION is an emotion-packed story that will grab you by your heartstrings and won't let go. I loved the ending and look forward to seeing what Ms. Lane has in store for her readers next.

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