A Solitary Heart
By Jo
Aug 13, 2014 - 6:30:42 PM

A SOLITARY HEART has an interesting premise when Joshua's older brother Matt tries to scare away Joshua's girlfriend because she's not good enough.  Watch the tables get turned and the emotional roller coaster ride that not only Sian is on but Matt and even Joshua too.

Carpenter's A SOLITARY HEART had so many emotions being felt by Sian and Matt that I could feel it in waves - their agony, their lust, their hurt, happiness and love.  I felt at times I was on emotional overload!  Joshua wasn't at the forefront of the story - it was all Sian and Matt!  There were family and friends, a trip to Chicago for a weekend away, laughter, tears, heartache, pain, fright, romance and love.  There were so many starts and stops to their almost relationship it was sometimes hard to follow whose ball the court was in.  Throw in a dad that Sian idolized and there was another layer of angst.  There was a happily ever after in the offing but the story ended too quickly for me.  An epilogue or a few more chapters would have tied up some of the loose ends.

Carpenter is an author I found last year when her books started coming out as Retro Romances from Samhain Publishing. I have now read several of her books and they each have such different storylines and deal with a variety of subjects.  I look forward to reading more of her books and ones she's written as Thea Harrison as well.

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