A Song For My Mother
By Evelyn
May 1, 2011 - 10:31:24 AM

Twelve years after running away from home with her boyfriend, Marly Hanson makes the difficult decision to return home so that her daughter, Katie, who has battled cancer, can meet the grandmother she has never known.  Although it means confronting her own fears and regrets, Marly can’t refuse Katie’s wish.

Facing her mother after her long absence is difficult; the memories of her youth in Dreyerville, Michigan are painful and almost too much to bear.  But when Marly meets her mother’s charming and handsome neighbor, Reed Bennett, her life gets even more complicated.  Falling in love with the sheriff was never in the plan.

Widower Reed Bennett has his hands full with being sheriff of his small town and raising his young son alone.  He hasn’t thought much about dating in the four years since his wife died.  But when Marly comes for a visit, all that changes.  Suddenly, he wants to spend every spare minute with this woman – even though she is clearly facing some demons and doesn’t intend to stay long.

Kat Martin has written the best, most charming story I have read in a very long time.  Every aspect of this book works.  The characters are flawed and real, the issues they face are issues we can all relate to, and their relationships are strained but meaningful.  The small town of Dreyerville becomes a character of its own full of people who genuinely care about one another.  A SONG FOR MY MOTHER is truly heartfelt – at times readers will laugh, sigh and even wipe away a tear as they witnesses the joy and hurt love can cause.

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