A Sounding Brass

Author: Shelley Bates

Publisher: Warner Faith

Release Date: June 14, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Claire Montoya has been raised in the strict church called the Elect where they wear only black and shun anything remotely considered to be ‘worldly’.  Reluctantly obedient to their teachings, Claire begins questioning her beliefs after their leader is arrested for molesting his family members.  As her friends begin leaving the sect for the Outside, Claire struggles with wanting to leave also and remaining faithful to her religion.

When Claire is fired from her job at a bank, she quickly finds a new one as a bookkeeper at the local Christian radio station.  Popular DJ Luke Fisher is charming and handsome, a combination that soon has Claire succumbing to its seductive effects.  The donations are pouring in from listeners, who also have been won over by the outgoing Luke.  Members of the Elect too have accepted him into their group as a breath of fresh air they feel is needed to help them recover from the aftereffects of their leader’s arrest.


Investigator Ray Harper of the Organized Crime Task Force is in Hamilton Falls, Washington, to testify in the trial of the Elect’s ex-leader and happens to recognize the voice on the radio as that of a man he has been investigating in a separate case.  Ray decides to see what he can learn through the woman who works at the radio station with Luke Fisher aka Brandon Boanerges aka Richard Brandon Myers.  But as he spends time with Claire, he finds himself falling in love with her, and unsure of his own faith, wonders if they could ever be together.  Will Claire even consider him--an Outsider--romantically after the handsome and charismatic Luke catches her eye?  


A SOUNDING BRASS by Shelley Bates is the third book in the Elect Trilogy, with the first two being GROUNDS TO BELIEVE and A POCKETFUL OF PEARLS.  It stands quite well on its own, with some characters from the two earlier books making a reappearance in this book.  As Claire deals with her disillusionment of her religion, Ray in turn must deal with his uncertainly with what he truly believes.  Can they each discover the truth through God’s grace?  With an included reading group guide, A SOUNDING BRASS is a perfect book for reading group study or as a novel for individual reading enjoyment and reflection.  Fans of Ms. Bates and this series will want to be on the lookout for her new book in May, 2007, entitled OVER MY HEAD.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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