A Stable Relationship
By Robin Taylor
Jul 20, 2003 - 10:54:00 PM

Pediatric nurse, Cassy Collins, has dreamed her whole life of riding horses. Finally, at age twenty-five, Cassy is taking riding lessons. Cassy’s excited, partially because the well-known riding instructor, a former show jumper, David Carlyle, is running the clinic she is taking. Cassy hopes to become good enough to enter into horse shows.

Well, Cassy and David have a clumsy first meeting – Cassy tumble off of her horse into the mud. As this gorgeous man helps her up, and she looks into his eyes, she is immediately affected. When Cassy finds out that the man that helped her is none other than David Carlyle, she is highly embarrassed.


David is looking forward to all the clinics he’ll be running in Florida. After being seriously hurt, and with his horse killed, for a while David’s future was unclear. When he has the opportunity to work with Mr. Dobranski, he is quite pleased. Mr. Dobranski taught David how to ride, as well as a lot of other things, and David has always felt indebted to him.


Cassy looks at her new riding instructor and reluctantly admits to herself that she’ll have to put her love life on hold. How long will Cassy be able to put her strong feelings of attraction for David aside?


When David starts working with Cassy, she almost makes him forget about the physical and emotional pain he suffered during his accident. David’s wife left him when he was hurt, and David never thought another woman would touch his heart. What is it about Cassy that made him want to grab her and kiss her senseless? Will David and Cassy be able to build a STABLE RELATIONSHIP?


I was thrilled with all the information about riding lessons and caring for horses. Ms. Haddad is very knowledgeable on the subject, which made this quite an enjoyable read.

Both David and Cassy showed an amazing amount of tenderness to both animals and children. David, as an instructor, with many different age levels, showed much patience and caring. When David is dealing with Cassy, he is just as tender, surprising even himself. As his feelings began to get stronger for her, he began to heal from his past hurts.

Cassy is as devoted to her job as a nurse, as she is to riding. Her love for her patients is a touching. Casey begins to care very much for David while dealing will feelings of insecurity and jealousy. A few times I wanted to yell at Cassy to just trust David, but her feelings are completely justified.

Along with the David and Cassy, the other characters in A STABLE RELATIONSHIP were wonderful to read. The older couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dobranski, makes this story whole.

A STABLE RELATIONSHIP is soon to be followed by A STABLE ACCOUNT, sometime later this year. A STABLE ACCOUNT picks up on the story of a secondary character in A STABLE RELATIONSHIP – Maggie. I am eagerly looking forward to her story.

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