A Stranger's Touch
By Heather M. Riley
May 16, 2008 - 7:37:53 PM

Tempest Storm needs that brooch. Ever since her mother and her sister, Leona, began dreaming of the wolf's-head brooch worn by their Viking ancestor, Tempest is sure that she is the one who must find it. Tempest is no ordinary woman; she comes from a long line of psychics and she only needs to touch an object to know its history and that of the people who have handled it. So if she can get her hands on the original brooch, then maybe she'll be able to find the answers behind the evil stalking her family. The brooch is currently in the possession of a private collector. All she needs to do is track down its location. Unfortunately once she does, she finds more than she bargained for.


Marcus Greystone has Tempest in his blood. He hasn't forgotten their one night together, and he's not happy that she was the one to walk away. Marcus knows Tempest has been seeking the wolf's-head brooch. He doesn't know why she wants it so badly, but he knows how to use her desire to his advantage. Marcus is well aware that Tempest is no ordinary woman. So he makes a deal with her; if she helps him find the hit-and-run driver who killed his parents, then he'll give her the brooch.

Tempest isn't happy with this arrangement. Marcus could be bad for her; she let her feelings for a man rule her once before, and vowed never to let it happen again. Marcus has given her full permission to question those friends of his family who were around at the time of the accident. However, someone isn't happy about all the questions being asked. When accidents start happening, it's clear the past is coming back, but whose past? Is it Marcus' or Tempest's?

I was held by A STRANGER'S TOUCH and I didn't want to be let go. Cait London succeeded in reminding me why I love her work. I could feel the emotions leap right off the page and into my own heart. Marcus and Tempest were so obviously meant for each other, they just needed to quit being stubborn and listen to their own hearts. And suspense? Cait London knew how to keep me guessing. By the time of the big reveal, I really didn't know who was going to turn out to be the hit-and-run driver. On top of the mystery in this story, we got a bit more information on the mystery surrounding the family. Now I'm really anxious for Leona's story. I can't wait for the answers to be revealed.

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