A Summer in Sonoma

Author: Robyn Carr

Publisher: Mira

Release Date: July 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Cassie, Julie, Marty, and Beth have been best friends for most of their lives.  It’s hard to imagine four more different people, but their bond has always been strong, and they have always been there for each other.  They will soon turn thirty, and each is facing the milestone from a different perspective.

Cassie would love to have a husband and children.  She has been virtually on her own since her early teens.  Cassie is an Emergency Room nurse who loves her job, but she wants more out of life.  She has become friendly with Walt, a big, tough-looking but gentle biker who saved her from a scary situation.  Given her tendency to rush into relationships, a guy she can just hang out with as a friend is a nice change.  Why couldn’t Walt be the kind of stable, steady guy she could build a future and a family with?


Julie already has the husband and children thing down.  She’s been married to her high-school sweetheart for years.  Three kids later, he’s still as smitten as the day they met.  But Billy spends so much time working he can barely find time to sleep, and still they are barely making ends meet.  Their money troubles and Julie’s tendency to get pregnant despite all precautions threaten to tear them apart.  Will love be enough to keep them together?


Marty and her husband Joe are doing great from a financial standpoint.  They have full-time jobs and only one child, with plenty of money left for a beautiful home, RV, and boat.  But Marty is getting tired of cleaning up after everyone in that house, RV, and boat.  What happened to the romantic guy who went out of his way to woo her when they were dating?  Now Joe won’t even take a shower on his day off, never mind wash a dish or vacuum a crumb.  Marty doesn’t know if she still loves this slob her prince has become.  Will she even try to fix what’s broken in their marriage?


Beth has sworn off relationships and men.  The only guy she had ever been serious with left her when she was down and needed support most, so she’s been avoiding men ever since.  Beth is a beautiful, brilliant doctor, unwilling to modify her life in any way to accommodate a man.  But unexpected changes in her own life lead to her spending a lot time with Dr. Jerod Paterson.  Among other things there’s a big age difference, but Jerod is definitely interested in more than just a professional relationship with Beth.  Can she unbend enough to give him a chance?


I loved the bonds of friendship these four strong, independent women shared.  Through thick and thin, man trouble and financial trouble, good times and bad, they stick together and support one another.  Their lives are intertwined, and it’s almost impossible to keep secrets from one another.  When one is in trouble, the others rally around.  They are the type of women anyone would be lucky to have as friends.  It takes a remarkable man to fit right into a group like that, and I hoped there was a perfect guy for each of these fantastic women.  A SUMMER IN SONOMA is the kind of story that gets you so involved in the lives of the characters, they nearly feel like friends.  I almost find myself wishing I could catch up with them.  I was sorry to leave them behind when I turned the last page!

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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