A Table by the Window

Author: Lawana Blackwell

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Release Date: April, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Carley Reed endured a childhood which could have broken the strongest spirit, but she lived to tell about it. Now she's twenty-five with a college degree, a good job, and an apartment all her own. Carley thought this was about as good as life was going to get for her, but when she is told by a private investigator that she just inherited a sizable amount of money and a house, her life takes a definite U-turn.

Leaving San Francisco for Mississippi, Carley has no plans to stay there. She was only going to pack up the things she wanted, sell or give away the rest, and put the house on the market. When Carley was in the process of doing these things, however, the kindness of the townspeople and the peace she felt caused her to rethink her decision. After returning to San Francisco, Carley decides to return to Mississippi for good.

After going for her dream of owning her own business, Carley takes teenager Brooke Kimball under her wing after seeing herself in the girl's actions. Hiring Brooke to work for her led to Brooke eventually moving in with Carley, which many townspeople tried to talk Carley out of doing. Police chief Dale Parker is one of the ones against it, but for reasons of his own soon to be discovered. As Carley settles into her new home, Dale begins showing an interest in Carley, and while hesitant trusting the opposite sex, Carley allows herself to enjoy his attentions. Has Carley met the man who can heal her troubled soul and mend her wounded heart?

Lawana Blackwell has penned a romance with an intriguing mystery wound throughout its pages that will engross the reader until the very end. Carley is a very likeable character in that she was down-to-earth, and while others avoided Brooke's cry for attention, Carley took the time to care about her and give her a chance. While this is classified as an inspirational novel, the faith message isn't preachy and even non-believers will enjoy this book. A TABLE BY THE WINDOW is one of those well-rounded books with a great storyline, average everyday people, and a setting the reader would like to visit. The twists and turns of the mystery are engagingly written and will keep the reader guessing not as much as to whom, but as to why. I highly recommend this excellent novel especially for the mystery romance lover. Oh, and for everybody else, too.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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