A Tale of Two Sisters
By Leigh
Jun 1, 2007 - 12:49:00 PM

Looks, personality, ambition - sisters Lizbet and Cassie are night and day, different in every way.   Cassie is an attractive and ambitious lawyer who feels entitled to whatever she demands - from her job, parents, husband, and sister.   Lizbet's looks are plainer and rounder, and her job as the deputy editor of a men's magazine is far from her sister's glamorous and lucrative career.   But Lizbet is nothing if not laid back and easygoing, and is happy with her life and love - Tim, her longtime boyfriend.   Despite their differences, the sisters remain close friends - until Lizbet inadvertently gets the one thing Cassie wants and can't have.


Lizbet and Tim's philosophy toward children is summed up as "they don't like us, we don't like them".   So when Lizbet finds out she's pregnant, they're both shocked and distressed.   How can they afford to give a child everything it needs financially and emotionally, when they're both broke and still act like kids themselves?   Lizbet already helped raise Cassie, and didn't intend to go that route again.   But as the weeks progress, Tim and Lizbet find themselves first accepting then anticipating their blessed event.   When the time comes to tell their families, the one person Lizbet felt would be the most excited, Cassie, most definitely isn't.


Cassie has always gotten whatever she wants - except a baby.   She and her husband George have been trying for a year and a half without success.   Worse still, she's beginning to realize that the only reason she's keeping George around is to make a baby.   So when Lizbet announces her pregnancy, Cassie is livid.   Cassie has the wealth and lifestyle she feels a child deserves, yet it is Lizbet with the baby and the steady guy who loves her unconditionally.  


Cassie's resentment is obvious, and drives a wedge between the two sisters.   When the unthinkable happens, the sisters find their emotional roles reversed, and must redefine their relationship with each other, their parents, and their partners.  


A TALE OF TWO SISTERS is a humorous and engaging story of love, loss, and the bond of sisterhood.   The point of view alternates between Cassie and Lizbet, giving the reader an interesting insight into the story from each sister's perspective, as well as a look at their strengths and weaknesses from both sides.   Emotionally touching, this is a story that will appeal to readers for both its romance and family storylines.




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