A Tangled Web
By Amanda Haffery
Mar 26, 2008 - 5:12:34 PM

Steve has big plans for his two year anniversary with
Shelby. He's shopped for her and bought her all sorts of delectable undergarments and even some perfume. Unfortunately, through all of his preparations, he can't get the image of the sexy little she cat that almost ran him over out of his head. When he runs into the long legged blonde at the diner, he can't help but shut her snotty mouth—with his! When the kiss leads to taking her against a tree, Steve walks away fulfilled but full of guilt. When Steve finally discovers who the mysterious woman is, he's going to be blown away. He won't be the only one— Shelby's in for the surprise of her life!

Oh what A TANGLED WEB we weave. This is the perfect title to this story. A domino effect if I ever saw one. One man's poor choice leads to one heck of an outcome in the end. Steve was a very bad boy—with the wrong woman. A TANGLED WEB is the most enticing story I've ever had the pleasure to read. Interwoven with passion and drama, this is a story you will not want to miss out on. Skyler Grey is phenomenally talented and knows just how to weave an intricate web of dark desires and unbridled passions with her characters. The romance between Steve and Shelby is so perfect. I can't believe he'd risk losing her forever, just because of a quick fire attraction to another woman. Just wait until you discover who the mystery woman is though. You'll be rolling on the floor in laughter and at the same time, wanting to hug Shelby. Skyler Grey has a wicked sense of humor and it is very apparent in this story. Only she can come up with this off the wall humor and make it so erotic.

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