A Tender Rough
By jhayboy
Mar 1, 2009 - 6:13:55 PM

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere is not part of Mason Palmer plans when he has to go to his mother's wedding. First order of business is to find a mechanic who can fix his car as quickly as possible, so he can get out of dodge before the street lights come on. He finds his mechanic, but he comes with an attitude and a charm that not even Mason can ignore.

Not fazed by big city and all that it represents, Beau Gaines is happy with his home and everything he has going on there - in Dixon, Alabama. On the job, he’s the best at what he does and he knows it; when a foreign car pulls up at his garage – as good as he is, he knows he can’t fix this one without some help, this also applies to the driver – and he aims to fix him and he won’t take no for an answer.


A TENDER ROUGH is a feel good story of men trying to fit the pieces of their lives together. Mason is a man who has gotten so jaded with his life, that he expects to get only as much as he puts in. He is most certainly surprised at the interest that the local mechanic shows in him - him and not what he possess.


Beau has it all, all the things that he knows Mason needs and he intends to give Mason the experience of a lifetime.


With all the beauties of life, there is also the ugliness and Mason and Beau have to accept this and find a way to have their dream and their fantasy, but with knowing each other such a short time – do they love each other enough to overcome even the strongest barrier?


I enjoyed A TENDER ROUGH; life and happiness are all intertwined in small town, Dixon. The guys are great, the setting is as peaceful as it gets and with Ms. Sutherland’s writing you are lulled into a story that was an absolute pleasure to read.   

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