A Texas Legacy Christmas
By Amelia
Sep 1, 2007 - 8:08:05 AM

Zack Kahler can’t wait to leave New York and go home to Kahlerville, Texas. His newly purchased newspaper office, the Frontier Press, is waiting for him. Before he leaves, two small problems, named Curly and Charlie, run into him.  Finding out the kids are orphans, he decides to visit them at the orphanage, to make sure they are all right.  The kindly Sister in charge of the orphanage coerces him into adopting the twins.  As they travel by train, Zack discovers another surprise.  One of the twins is a girl and not a boy.

Chloe Weaver had an adverse childhood and it followed her into adulthood. Homeless and hungry, she applies for a job at the Kahlerville Boardinghouse. Working as the desk clerk, bookkeeper, and any other job that comes along, she is happy that she finally has a roof over her head and food to eat.  
When Zack returns home with his two soon-to-be-adopted children, he meets a classmate from school, Chloe.  She is working at the boarding house where he and the twins will be staying at, until he can find a house.  He remembers Chloe from school.  She couldn’t afford to bring a lunch, and Zack knew that she was hungry.  Each day he would share his lunch with her, and treat her with kindness.

During Zack's stay at the boarding house, he talks daily with Chloe.  He sees how she interacts with the children, and slowly his thoughts transform to wanting a more permanent relationship with her.   He has to go slow, or he will ruin the sweet friendship that they now share.  Before this bond can develop, they run into trouble with Chloe’s boss. Can Chloe and Zack persevere through the meddling of her boss or will her boss fire her? Will the Christmas holiday bring sweet surprises or will Chloe’s boss tear this couple apart, leaving them devastated?

DiAnn Mills does a magnificent job in telling this heart-warming Christmas story.  With a mixture of Christian values, she captivates readers on the first page.  You’ll be rooting for Chloe and Zack’s relationship and wanting to punch the boss in the nose as he tries to keep them apart. I thought the twins were adorable.  It was interesting to follow their lives as they go from stealing in the streets, to trusting that someone will take care of them. This is the first book I’ve read from author, DiAnn Mills, and it is wonderful!  It is the kind of story I would love to receive as a Christmas present or give as a gift. The end holds an enticing surprise that you can make and give along with a copy of A TEXAS LEGACY CHRISTMAS.    

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