A Time for Melody

Author: R. Ann Siracusa

Publisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing

Release Date: July 04, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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In the beginning of the twenty-sixth century, Melody is a history university student hoping to prepare a thesis on the founding father of Red Gulch City, the Mineral Capital of the Solar System. Living in a period where time travel is plausible, she believes that making visits back to the century the founder lived in will help her discover new information on his little known history. When she has an accidental, but profound, meeting with said founder, she knows she has to make it back to be with him. However, the Solar System Security Agency has decided to shut down any more time jumps without prior authorization.

After his geology studies, Brandon O’Donnell decides to return home to the small, dried-up mining town of Red Gulch, located in the Mojave Desert, to be with his ailing father. During the year before his father’s death, he and Brandon spent their time looking for what he was sure was a lost vein of gold on their property. Brandon has stayed on in Red Gulch, continuing the search with hopes of fulfilling his father’s dream. When he comes across a mysterious woman at the town diner, he is drawn to her.

The connection between Melody and Brandon is instantaneous, and a whirlwind romance moves them right into a contented marriage. Brandon knows there is something different about his lovely wife but has never pressed her for answers. Melody has been in love with Brandon from the moment of their first encounter, but she can’t tell him where she’s from for fear of changing history. When it nears the time of the discovery of the goldmine, yet it has remained unfound thus far, Melody begins to worry that things have gotten altered somehow. As she continues to encourage Brandon to search for the vein, she comes to the decision to make a jump back into the future for further information. However, doing so is risky. Once she jumps, there is a chance she’ll be discovered and forbidden to go back. There is also the possibility of causing irreversible changes to the past that could change history forever.

Author R. Ann Siracusa pens an intriguing time travel romance. A TIME FOR MELODY was an enjoyable read, and I was curious to see things come full circle. I found the bit of blending a futuristic setting with that of a modern ‘westernish’ edge unique. I’ve not come across many books with this theme in time travel and none with the angle of mining. The descriptive depictions of the small town of Red Gulch were done nicely. I could picture a few shacks and buildings with a tumble weed or two blowing across the red horizon. For those looking for something a bit different in their time travel romances, A TIME FOR MELODY is for you.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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