A Time to Forgive

Author: Darlene Gardner

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When Abby Reed notices troubled nine-year-old Jaye in her music class, she wants to do anything she can to help her. When Jaye picks up the violin, Abby knows she’s found the answer. The music flowing from Jaye is wonderful and Abby knows it can help heal the troubled girl. Unfortunately, Jaye’s guardian, Connor Smith, isn’t having the same luck.

When Connor’s sister dumped Jaye at his home and then fled, Connor was at a loss at what to do. He’s a bachelor, a workaholic, and knows next to nothing about kids. He’s trying to do his best with Jaye, but it’s hard. However, he notices the affinity Jaye has with Abby and plays it up in the hopes of not only helping Jaye, but also in getting closer to the tempting music teacher.


Things are looking up. Jaye is behaving better, and Abby and Connor are growing closer. But then, an event from the past comes back to break Abby and Connor up. Abby is the half-sister to the man who murdered Connor’s younger brother ten years ago. With Abby’s brother up for parole, old traumas and feelings are coming back to the front and Connor knows there is no way he can ever hope to have a relationship with Abby. Jaye doesn’t understand though. Nor does Abby. How can Connor hold so much hate in his heart? Is there any way to let go of the past now that it’s forcing its way into the present once again?


Sentimental, romantic and traumatic feelings all have places in Darlene Gardner’s new book, A TIME TO FORGIVE. Abby and Connor face some difficult decisions, all of which are made worse by the emotions Jaye is going through. Neither wants to hurt the little girl anymore, but it seems impossible to help her. However, with poignancy, Ms. Gardner pens a tale that focuses on hope and love, despite the complicated murder situation. Family outings, laughter, and even some tears prove to be the healing balm needed to bring Abby, Connor and Jaye together. You’ll enjoy watching them merge together from separate entities into a true family. The strength of emotions of this tale is powerful and compelling; creating a story that is impossible to put down. Darlene Gardner pens a tale where the emotions flow off the page and into the reader’s heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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