A Time to Mend
By Sherri Myers
Apr 10, 2006 - 8:51:00 AM

'Nurse of the Year'
Jacquelyn Wilkes decided on a career in nursing after the horrible death of her mother to breast cancer.  She had done her job well, but never allowed herself to become personally involved in any of her patients' lives.  When handsome new doctor, Jonah Martin, joins the oncology practice, Jacquelyn immediately senses something is different about him, but what?

Jonah had been burned by a nurse early in his career and isn't about to let it happen again, so he keeps his distance from the nurses who work for him.  While his patients seem to love him, his nurses can't seem to stand his cool, sometimes rude attitude toward them.


Jacquelyn's opinion of Jonah begins to change when he saves her beloved mastiff, Bailey, after an allergic reaction, while her boyfriend stood uncaring and helpless nearby.  Later she confides to Jonah that she has discovered a lump in her breast, to which he encourages her to seek immediate care.  When she learns it is malignant, the nurse who has cared for so many becomes a patient herself.


Will Jacquelyn allow Jonah to help her on her journey through the dark valley known as breast cancer, or will she instead hold on to her stubborn independence?  Can the doctor heal the nurse's cancer, and can the nurse heal the doctor's heart?  It's definitely A TIME TO MEND.


Previously published by Bethany House Publishers in 1997 as GENTLE TOUCH, A TIME TO MEND has now been updated and revised by the author.  Angela Hunt has over three million copies of her award-winning novels in print today, and this poignant tale about breast cancer will only help to make the number rise.  Jonah and Jacquelyn are both strong characters, and the medical terminology is well-written without confusing the reader.  Both must learn to trust in a God they weren't sure really cared about them anymore, and ultimately find that God's grace will see them through.    

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