A Torrid Celebration

Author: Christy Poff, Honey Jans, Monica M. Martin, Melissa Schroeder, Emma Wildes, Cheri Valmont

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: March 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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GOING FOR EIGHT by Melissa Schroeder

Gerry returned to Brander, Texas after a nasty difference of opinions with an ornery bull named Stampede.  He’s spent the last month recuperating while the object of his desires has steadily avoided him.  Charlie is used to men vying for her attention, after all her daddy owns a good portion of the town.  Gerry’s the one man she’s wanted for as long as she can remember, but the last thing this small-town girl needs is to get her heart broken by a man who won’t be there for the long-haul.


I love a good cowboy story and Melissa Schroeder delivers with this charming tale of these headstrong characters.  There’s a world of fun, friendship, heartache and love in this small town and Ms. Schroeder brings it to life with enjoyable results.





Disguised as a male, Willamina de Coucey has traveled with the small troop of misfits providing entertainment for any willing to pay for their services.  For the past year their troop has included Adonis, a man they’d found badly injured and nursed back to health.  Minna and Adonis have traded verbal sparring but neither of them truly know much about the other.  All that’s about to change because this twelfth night celebration will unveil secrets that link their pasts and futures.


This is a fun historical tale that keeps you guessing as you wonder about Adonis and Minna’s pasts.  I loved their interaction which always seemed to have an underlying tension that only built throughout the story.  Cheri Valmont incorporates the right amount of suspense to ensure that you won’t want this story to end.





Rhiannon and Charles spent many years loving each other but ultimately death came between them.  Rhiannon feared accepting the gift of eternal life that Charles offered, but on her deathbed, she vowed that she would be his eternal bride.  Centuries later, paranormal author Nadia receives an invitation to Club Decadent’s Halloween bash, Nocturnal Offering and finds herself the object of her own real life fantasy.


If you like paranormal stories then you’ll love NOCTURNAL OFFERINGS.  Ms. Martin makes immortal life seem infinitely appealing with her tale of a love that transcends centuries.  Face it, a man who is willing to wait that long for you is a man well worth keeping!




MASKED DESIRES by Christy Poff

Ava’s a hard worker and deserves to cut loose - especially after learning of her now-ex-boyfriend’s gay tendencies.  How could she possibly resist when she finds a coveted invitation to the exclusive Lords’ Annual Masked Ball.  It’s too exciting for words but it’s the handwritten note inside that melts her insides. Her boss,  Matthew’s watched and desired Ava for a long time, the annual ball offers the perfect opportunity to express his feelings.  Will the evening be everything they could have hoped for or will it backfire and make working together very uncomfortable?


Who hasn’t dreamed of having some sexy masked man sweep her off her feet?  In MASKED DESIRES, Matthew proves to be the ultimate romantic and Ava is absolutely perfect for him.  Christy Poff masterfully tells passionate tales that never fail to raise body temperatures.




Chemise’s experienced a series of disasters recently that leave her future in jeopardy.  It’s her thirtieth birthday and rather than celebrate she’s investigating the antique shop her aunt deeded to her and the safe holds a treasure she never imagined she’d see outside of a museum.  An antique lamp proves to be the ultimate birthday surprise when a gorgeous genie emerges.  The fable of genies granting three wishes is disproved - but oh my, Lucien can pleasure her with just a look.  Now they need to figure out how to release him from the lamp for good.


Honey Jans is well known for hot sexy storyline and she doesn’t disappoint with KNOCK THREE TIMES.  She infuses the perfect amount of humor, fantasy and suspense into this storyline to capture and hold your attention through the whole tale.





It’s been four years since Carlos left to play soldier, breaking Juliet’s heart.  She’s gone on with life and has even become engaged to another.  Carlos has returned a hero but for him the battle isn’t over.  Winning the war for Juliet’s hand will be his crowning glory.  Will his song and the passion that still broils between them be enough to bring them together again?


Emma Wildes tells a compellingly sweet tale with SPANISH LULLABY.  The characters and dialogue are believable and it’s very easy to empathize with their warring points of view and when they make up they do it with enough passion to sizzle the pages.




A TORRID CELEBRATION brings together six of Whiskey Creek Press Torrid’s finest authors for one captivating anthology that’s sure to provide just the right amount of heat and storyline through each author’s words.  The stories vary in genres so there’s something that will appeal to everyone and plenty of opportunities to open your eyes to different writing styles you may not have read yet.  Whiskey Creek Press has proven itself to be a successful publisher over the past five years and this anthology is a prime example of what keeps their readers coming back for more.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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