A Touch Of Heaven
By Dina Smith
Oct 15, 2005 - 1:35:00 AM

Paige Foster has always been a follower, doing and thinking exactly what her friends thought she should. Paige knew most of her friends were self centered snobs and even cruel at times but Paige just couldn't bring herself to go against them. The biggest regret Paige has was the way they all treated Colin Gregory.

Colin was the school nerd and he had been in love with Paige in high school. He would write poems for Paige and he was always following her around, there was not a day in the two years that Colin attended the school that he didn't talk to her. Secretly Paige thought he was the sweetest boy she had ever met, but in front of her friends she would laugh at him because it was the cool thing to do. Paige would never forget the look on Colin's face the day she broke his heart. Colin had asked Paige to the prom and the entire room erupted in laughter, calling him names while Paige just sat back and let them. After that Colin stopped writing her poems and he never looked at her again, Paige finally got what she wanted, or did she?

Now it is time for their ten year high school reunion and all Paige's old friend were staying at her house for the weekend. Then Heather pulls out tickets to the hottest male strip club in town "The Pleasure Dome". Paige was not sure how it happened but one minute she was sitting with her friend enjoying her drink and the next minute she was on stage doing an erotic dance with Simon, the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. Then Paige does something she has never done before, she goes backstage to Simon's dressing room and has the most incredible sex she has ever had with a complete stranger.

Simon could not believe his luck, he was finally holding the woman of his dreams in his arms and she had no idea who he was. Simon planned on enjoying every minute of their time together because once she found out the truth it would be all over. Simon's only chance was to convince Paige to look at the real him and not the person that her friends see. Will Paige follow her heart or will she let her fear of being rejected by her friends rule her once again?

A TOUCH OF HEAVEN is definitely a book worth reading. From the first page to the very last I was completely captivated by this incredibly erotic love story. Lily Graison has touched on a subject that I think we can all relate to no matter what side you were once on. I highly recommend A TOUCH OF HEAVEN to all romance fan's you won't be disappointed.

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