A Toy Story
By Jenn L
Sep 1, 2007 - 1:18:07 PM

Grace Newman has a job that she loves, one that she never envisioned as she earned her degree, but one that she embraced and is very good at. Writing sex toy reviews for Woman on Top magazine keeps her fulfilled and has made her somewhat of an expert on the toys she tests. So when new management wants to take her small article and make it a full-length feature, she is excited and nervous all at once. She has only one problem--she needs to review toys for couples and, well, she is one person short of a couple.

Benjamin Kettleman has come back to Chicago after leaving ten years before. He has a job he loves and his dog Lou, plus he’s reconnected with the girl he left behind. Their friendship is blossoming after the pain of their breakup and being together just feels right, even if they are just friends. When Grace confides that she has to test toys with a partner, Ben graciously offers himself as a willing test subject.


When these two get together, the sparks fly and they find that time hasn’t dulled the passion they once shared; in fact, now it’s even better. Will this just be friends with benefits for Ben and Grace, or will they possible find love at the end of their TOY STORY?


A TOY STORY is a laugh-out-loud look at the adult sex toy industry as well as one hot erotic journey with all the extras you could imagine. Ben and Grace’s characters grab you from the very opening scenes. Grace is the confident woman we all wish we could be. She knows what she wants and how she wants it, her job allows her to explore her sexuality and it translates over into her encounters with Ben.


Ben is nurturing and caring, but he still comes across as manly and in control. He’s more than willing to try anything as he and Grace work their way through many of the toys she is set to review. You can’t help but feel attracted to him and I couldn’t wait till he made his moves on Grace. Amongst all this is Lou, Ben’s dog, and while I normally don’t mention the animals in books I review, I couldn’t help but wish that Lou were real. He added a little conflict to the story and allowed Ms. Murray to reveal facets of Ben and Grace’s personalities we may have never seen had it not been for Lou.


I fully expected to enjoy A TOY STORY based on the blurb alone, but what I found in its pages was so much more. It was all I thought it would be, but it still had a few surprises along the way that had me both laughing and crying at times. Ms. Murray delivers a satisfying read that is most d efinitely a keeper.

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