A Valentine Wedding
By Angel
Dec 7, 2006 - 8:14:00 AM

Darian and Sandy are finally ready to settle down and have the wedding that they have always wanted.  Of course they also have to deal with the fact that happily ever after doesn’t mean that you don’t have disagreements and spats every now and then.  As if trying to get used to their relationship isn’t enough, Darian must deal with his past before he can move on to a future with Sandy.  Will it change his outlook on marriage or will he finally come to terms with it and marry the woman he has always loved?

A VALENTINE WEDDING is the continuation of DARIAN’S CHRISTMAS PROMISE and tells what happens after the perfect ending.  Sandy is struggling to make her relationship work and her wedding happen.  She is a real trooper and never lets it get her down for long.  Darian is tortured by his past and suspect parentage and therefore is a little short tempered.  His emotional struggle is apparent and you really feel what’s going on with him.  Going through the troubles with Darian and Sandy put you in the story and you feel apart of it.  LT Rashard has created the perfect ending to Darian and Sandy’s story and readers will love this touching romance.

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