A View from the Clouds
By Cindy
Feb 25, 2004 - 2:45:00 PM

Jackie Saranno works at the help desk of the law firm Patterson Morely Patterson. Jackie's been having very vivid and very erotic dreams about Max Patterson for a long time now. Too bad her alarm clock refuses to let her finish her dream before it goes off every morning.

Max Patterson, the youngest partner of PMP, has been having some erotic dreams himself. Little did he know, those dreams were about a certain employee at the help desk. In his dreams, Jackie gives him everything he could ever want a woman to give. Jackie is his "dream woman" in every sense of the word.


Jackie is sent to Max's office to help him with a computer program. Max is finally getting her to himself and he intends to take every advantage of this time with her. Can a dream become reality?


A VIEW FROM THE CLOUDS is a spicy short story that will leave you wondering if dreams really can become reality. Jackie and Max have enough sizzling chemistry between them that it will have you reaching for a glass of ice water. JOY NASH did a great job with this short story.

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