A Virgin River novel - Bring Me Home For Christmas
By Dottie
Oct 20, 2011 - 7:24:19 PM

Rebecca ‘Becca’ Timm, an elementary school teacher, has always dreamed of a Christmas proposal and a beautiful ring under the tree. But now that her boyfriend of one year, Doug, a second year law student, is talking about marriage just as Christmas is approaching, she is having qualms about their relationship. Three years ago, her boyfriend of three years, Denny, broke up with her just as he was about to leave for Afghanistan. She had been devastated and is still not able to get him out of her thoughts. The fact that he is the best friend of her twin brother, Rich, does not make it any easier. Two years after breaking up with her, Denny had tried to reconcile with her. But she had been angry and wanted nothing to do with it. But how can she commit to Doug when she cannot get Denny out of her mind?

Three years ago, Denny Cutler’s mother died after several years of battling breast cancer. Just before her death, she had told him that the man he considered his father was not really his father. He had been left confused and withdrawn. Looking for family, he had reenlisted in the Marines. When he had been immediately deployed to Afghanistan, he had broken up with the love of his life, Becca. After his return and his failed attempt at reconciling with Becca, he went to Virgin River in search of Jack, the man that his mother claimed was his father.  Although he had discovered that her claim was not true, he had found a home in Virgin River. He had also found a career as an organic farmer and became an associate at Jilly Farms. Finally, he had found some happiness. With the holidays fast approaching, he planned to get together with some of his Marine buddies. Denny planned a weeklong fishing and hunting guys’ week with three of his friends, one of whom was Becca’s twin brother, Rich.

Rich had talked nonstop about his upcoming trip, so when the school where Becca worked closed down, leaving her unemployed, she made her own plans. She was going along with Rich, unannounced, and finding out why she could not get over Denny. If she discovered that it had only been a crush between them, she could go home and marry the perfect man, Doug.

Denny is shocked when Becca shows up in Virgin River with her brother, claiming that she is there to hunt and fish. Things get off to a rocky start when Denny greets her with an attitude. But when she breaks her ankle on the very first day of hunting, Denny is determined to stick by her side. It doesn’t take long before Denny discovers that the only thing he wants for Christmas and the rest of his life is Becca. But can he convince her to give him a second chance?

Each time I start reading one of phenomenal author Robyn Carr’s VIRGIN RIVER novels, I feel like I am being transported to a wonderful little town where everyone cares about everyone else. The characters are so realistic that I almost feel like I should be adding them to my Christmas card list. By the time I get to the end of the book, although I hate leaving the small town behind, I am left with a feel good feeling. These qualities are especially powerful in her latest VIRGIN RIVER novel, BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. This touching contemporary romance is packed with humor, true-to-life emotions, complex and compelling characters, sexy situations and tender love. Ms. Carr uses her amazing storytelling ability to touch her readers’ hearts…producing stories that are not soon forgotten. BRING ME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, the sixteenth book in this series, is no exception. Do not miss this delightful story.

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