A Walk On The Wild Side

Author: Emma Sinclair

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: November, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Shannon McBride has finally made the much needed break from the stuffy life she once led to experience the wilder side of life.  She and her best friend decide to strip at the amateur night at The House of Tail when she is introduced to Nick and his buddies.  When Shannon becomes to drunk to drive home she is taken into their care and since Nick is the designated driver he delivers his buddies home.  But, he is no longer able to control his lust for Shannon and takes her to his home and they shared the most incredible sex of their lifetime. 

Nick Halloran is the widowed father of a seven year old son, Sam.


Sam loves school and especially his teacher, Miss McBride, and he tells his father that he wants her for his mother.  Nick walks into his son's classroom for parent's night when he is furious to see that Shannon the amateur stripper he had sex with is his son's teacher.  The tension that evening was almost too much until Nick realized that he wanted to know her on a different level and they decided to start over and forget their meeting at the club. 


Sam started a fight at school and since he would not tell Shannon or Nick why it happened, she had no choice but to place him on suspension for the rest of the week from school.  When Shannon delivers Sam's assignments to their home, Nick lets her know that he is still hot for her as she experiences the most erotic touches.  The next few days were pure torture as Nick tries every way he can to get to know who Shannon really is.  They must put a hold on pursuing their relationship further until she has finished her year as Sam's teacher so she does not put her job in jeopardy.  Will Nick be able to control his anger from the deceit he learns when he receives the unexpected news his son tells him? 


A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE is an erotically charged story of Nick and Shannon who must come to grips with the tragedies of their past in order to move forward with the most incredible love of their lives.  Sam makes the ultimate sacrifice in his quest to have Shannon as his mother when his father realizes that he was in a fight to protect her honor. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Briana Burress

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