A Wedding In December
By Roberta Austin
Jan 1, 2006 - 5:54:00 AM

December seems like an unlikely time for a wedding, especially a second, mid-life one, but the health concerns of the bride have put plans on a fast track. She and the groom were friends and classmates at Kidd Academy with the other five attending the wedding. The wedding is taking place at an inn in the Berkshires that has been converted from an old house owned by Nora, who is widowed and has stayed in touch with most of the others. This reunion becomes not only a time to celebrate the second chance at love for the couple, Bill and Bridget, but the others reflect on their past and present and wonder about the "what-ifs" and "the roads not taken".

They also are bound by the tragic death of their friend Stephen twenty-seven years ago and for many that was the pivotal point of their lives. Will this reunion help those affected have some final closure?

Author Anita Shreve adds another masterpiece to her body of work with A WEDDING IN DECEMBER. Her unflinching look at human foibles brings all her characters to life. Romance is interwoven throughout the storyline as love lost and redeemed are equally examined. The dialog is so perfect, the reader feels she is eavesdropping on a private conversation.
Interspersed in the current wedding story, Agnes, one of the characters, has written a story of love and choice set during the Halifax explosion of the World War I era. Agnes has become fascinated with the events and her fictional story seems to be an outlet for this obsession as well as dealing with the "secret" life she must lead teaching at her old alma mater.
The reader will feel empathy for all the characters who must choose what is "right" for them and deal with both the past and present. A WEDDING IN DECEMBER is a story for all seasons.

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