A Wedding in Apple Grove
By Dottie
Nov 30, 2012 - 9:58:42 PM

In high school, Megan Mulcahy had been certain that she and Jimmy were destined to marry. But he had wanted nothing more than to leave Apple Grove and she had wanted to stay. Still she keeps hoping that on one of his visits home, he will change his mind. She cannot believe that out of all of her friends she is the only one still single, now that her best friend Edie is getting married. Having lost her mother years ago, Megan is still living at home, helping her father with her two sisters and his business. Although she enjoys being with her family, she wants someone of her own to love. But the last thing she expects is to fall into the arms of a newcomer to Apple Grove while attending her best friend’s reception.

Daniel Eagan is the new physical education teacher in Apple Grove. After his fiancée dumped him for his best friend, he decided to start over and what better place than Apple Grove, where his great-aunt lives. Arriving from the East coast, the Midwest seems like a different world. His great-aunt had put in a good word for him to the Board of Ed to help him get the job, but it had been his resume that had clinched it. His grandfather is still upset with him for pawning a valuable baseball card to buy his fiancée an engagement ring, especially after she cheated on him with his best friend and then flushed the engagement ring down the toilet. When he tried to retrieve the baseball card, it had already been sold. Now he is in Apple Grove for a fresh start and on his first day there before even making it to his new home, he meets Megan when he saves her from falling and breaking her neck. Soon he is attending the wedding reception that is in progress and meeting the residents of Apple Grove.

After being saved by Daniel, Meg, at twenty-nine, decides it is time for her to be on her own, so she rents an apartment over a garage in town. Still working for her father as a handywoman, she finds herself running into Daniel quite often, as his new home needs quite a few repairs. But she cannot deny her attraction to him. As they spend time together, he finds himself falling in love with her. However, he fears getting involved with her after being hurt by his former fiancée and refuses to move forward with their relationship. Will the past destroy any future they might have?


A fun, sexy tale, A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE, the first book in talented author C. H. Admirand’s SMALL TOWN USA trilogy, is an enticing contemporary romance of life and love in a small town. Daniel and Meg have been hurt in the past and this influences their current relationship. These two seemed so perfect together that I couldn’t help rooting for a happily ever after for them. With charismatic characters, an intriguing plot, humor, clever banter, family dynamics, small town life, romance and love, this story is an absolute delight. Readers will fall in love with Daniel after witnessing his close relationship with his great-aunt and his caring, considerate ways. This story also delves into the heartwarming romance between Mitch, the town sheriff, and Honey B, the owner of the local beauty parlor. I look forward to reading the next addition to this delightful series, ONE DAY IN APPLE GROVE, due out in June 2013. In the meantime, be sure to get your own copy of A WEDDING IN APPLE GROVE. I highly recommend it! But be warned, the descriptions of the homey town and its residents will leave readers longing for an Apple Grove of their own.


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