A Wedding in Provence
By Jo
Oct 20, 2014 - 3:26:47 PM

A WEDDING IN PROVENCE: A NOVEL has lots of emotions and dysfunction throughout. Meet the wedding guests and others involved in the story as one crisis after another erupts and I sometimes wonder if the wedding would take place at all!

Sussman's A WEDDING IN PROVENCE: A NOVEL has more darkness than light to it. Once the history of their family situations was behind us the story flowed better. Olivia and Brody are in the forefront as the soon to be bride and groom. It's the second marriage for both - she's divorced and has two grown daughters and he is a widower who never had children. One daughter, Carly, is an overachiever and star in her field, the other, Nell, is an actress who doesn't get too many jobs since she doesn't put her all into her career and her mother still gives her a monthly allowance. Carly and Nell's lives are in crisis which of course spills over to the visit and Olivia is oftentimes focused on them instead of her upcoming nuptials much to Brody's dismay. Throw in a playboy best man, the inn owners who are not speaking to each other, Brody's mother whose husband, his father, left her after fifty five years of marriage and didn't come to France, an uninvited guest that Nell brings along and who takes up too much of the storyline and it's a very trying time. We are taken on a roller coaster ride throughout France and there is one adventure or misadventure after another. There is a lot of dysfunction in the dynamics of the families and the friends but in the end their differences are put aside so that Olivia and Brody can have the wedding of her dreams. The chef rolls out one delicious dish after another and Carly seems taken with him which is out of character for her. There is fighting, secrets, misunderstandings, anger, tears, happiness, reconciliations and love along with the wedding plans. There are a few loose ends that are never settled and I didn't feel there was closure. There was the requisite happily ever after that didn't seem like it would come to pass but made the wait worthwhile.

Sussman is a new to me author and I hope her other books have better closure. I will give a few of them a try.

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